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  1. MB-tex

    W124 electric window

    Hi All Help needed... 96 w124 estate rear passenger side window regulator stopped working. Was intermittent but finally stopped in the down position. I checked the switch on the centre console is working by swapping it for another and switch is good. I disconnected glass and chocked it up...
  2. MB-tex

    W124 starting issues...

    Hi all w124 estate 2.8, 5 speed, 252000 miles. It has a new starter motor and alternator and the battery is good. Twice recently the car would not start. All dash lights lit but no cranking whatsoever. On both occasions I shifted the gearlever to and fro and then back into park and it...
  3. MB-tex

    W124 estate tailgate locking mechanism

    Hi All Someone slammed rear door and the closer stopped working. Door opens and closes fine but the motor has stopped its gripping action so rear hatch rattles over bumps. I have taken it out and have the horrible thing sitting on my table. I am looking to see switches to clean and other...
  4. MB-tex

    w124 brake light switch question.

    Hi All 1996 M104 E280 estate. I just fitted a new indicator stalk to replace the increasingly flaccid original and while reinstalling all the trim above the foot pedals I noticed a broken wire. It has become detached from one of the two connectors that attach to the brake light switch. The...
  5. MB-tex

    Pressing in W124 estate rear bearings & hubs

    I need advice with installing bearings into 124 estate rear hubs. All parts ready on the bench. Do I press in the bearings into the hub carrier then the hub into the installed bearing? This seems the logical way to do it but just wanted to check before I started... The hub carrier is...
  6. MB-tex

    Need to borrow W124 hub bush install tool.

    Hi all Anyone got the tool that presses in the bush in the rear knuckle to which the lower control arm attaches? I need to borrow one quick! I have been pressing in and out lots of bushes recently with mixed results but these look like they are beyond my basic technique and huge old press...
  7. MB-tex

    W124 estate rear hubs

    Hi All Simple question needing needing expert answer: Will rear knuckle/hubs from a 1992 300-24 TE fit a 1996 280 estate? Evidence so far is pointing to 'yes they will' but I would like to make sure before I buy them. Thanks Tom
  8. MB-tex

    w124 estate rear suspension struts question.

    Hi All I'm the middle of a subframe replacement adventure on my 96 e280 estate. I got an old subframe that I have pressed out bushings from and got shot blasted. I am about to order one of these lemforder suspension link kits (4 each side) and I have a query: Is one of the bars in the kit...
  9. MB-tex

    w124 rear hubs - advice needed

    Hi All About to begin swapping out rear subframe on '96 e280 estate. I am looking to buy a couple of used rear hubs to clean up and attach to the new frame. Are rear hubs standard across the years/range or do I need to buy a specific hub for my car/year? I have seen a good one on ebay from...
  10. MB-tex

    w124 subframe

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if a rear subframe from a '95 4 cyl w124 saloon will fit on my '96 w124 6 cyl estate? Thanks
  11. MB-tex

    w124 rear door speakers advice

    Hi All Just about to replace non functioning original rear speakers in my 124 estate with some similar blaupunkt items. Speakers in the door card rather than in the plastic handle. The hole in the door is 100mm, the removed speaker front diameter is 130. There are new units for sale of...
  12. MB-tex

    W124 fuel filter/pump undershield wanted.

    Hi all Anyone got a spare black plastic undershield that covers the fuel filter and pump under the rear of a 124 estate? It is a '96 incase that makes a difference. Thanks Tom
  13. MB-tex

    W124 M104 idle issues

    Hi all my 1996 e280 is giving me issues and is currently in the shop. I don't like it when a car has to stay in overnight! Basically car has been failing to start then starting first time later in the day. Also coming off a roundabout it has felt like it lost power until car was level...
  14. MB-tex

    parts advice

    Hi All Have just taken delivery of two new front suspension top mounts for my W124 e280. They are made by Vaico despite being told they would be Meyle HD mounts delivered. They look pretty cheap but I don't mind what they look like if they are going to last! Anyone know about this...
  15. MB-tex

    w124 interior light

    Hi all My front interior light does not operate with driver/passenger door opening and its a drag with these dark evenings. It works fully with the sliding switch on the light. Any hints on what to check and whether it is likely a single component has failed that I can swap out. Have seen...
  16. MB-tex

    Wanted 8 hole w124 alloy in reasonable condition.

    Hi there One of my alloys is leaking and is apparently un-refurbable. Anyone got a single genuine, standard size w124 8 hole alloy (195 65 R15 tyre) in their shed they would sell? Nothing suitable on ebay or elsewhere online. Info cast into rim says: et41. 1244011302 7Jx15H2 I am...
  17. MB-tex

    W124 SLS valve info

    Hi All
  18. MB-tex

    M104 advice needed

    Hi All I need some advice on an occasional symptom of my 2.8 M104 motor. I have had it 4/5 yrs and this has happened maybe 4 times. Motor has done just over 200000 miles and is totally reliable. Oil level good. Slight leak in gasket somewhere but otherwise faultless. Oil changed every...
  19. MB-tex

    W124 self levelling suspension problem.

    Hi All 96 W124 E280 estate. Had new spheres and lots of new self levelling pipework done. Suspension now very smooth again but self levelling no longer works. With 5 people and a weeks camping gear the car was comically low and scraped its undercarriage on gravel tracks. Didn't realise...
  20. MB-tex

    W124 grey A pillar trim.

    Hi All Anyone got a driver's side, pale grey, A pillar trim for a late model W124 for sale? Thanks Tom
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