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    4 x 225 55 r16 wintertyres. Avon Ice Touring ST. 99xl

    Ideal for W/S211. 6mm all round, no repairs or damage. Only used one season. £140 the lot. A no brainer at this price, , save the wear on your summer tyres, enjoy better tyre performance at under 7degrees c, and if the ice/ snow arrives, they'll keep you mobile, and may just save your...
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    Turbo replacement

    I have a new turbo (remanufactured) going on to my E320 cdi on Monday. Any tips on anything else that should be done at the same time? I've got the gaskets of course, and ordered the oil pipes. Anything to watch out for? Cheers, Bozman
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    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Due to a temporary cashflow issue, I may have to consider selling my E320. It would be an extremely reluctant sale, since the car is incredible and I love it. Specification is the highest I've ever seen (and I've had several Range Rover Supercharged). It boasts at least £13k worth of...
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    Personal Training - Market Research

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-training, to become a Personal Trainer. I've been health and fitness obsessed for many years now, compete in Masters athletics, qualified as a coach, and have also trained as an NLP practitioner to become accomplished in the art of helping people to change...
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    Roof bars s211/s212 compatability?

    Does anybody know if there is any difference between the MB roof bars for the S211 and S212 models?
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    4 x Avon Touring Ice ST 225 55 r16 99h

    Winter tyres ideal for W/S211, I used them last year only (3 months use), bought new in March (drove down to Alps skiing). No longer needed, no punctures, repairs, or sidewall damage. £260 ono, collected from South Oxfordshire, or you pay courier charge.
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    Stopping for puddle

    Driving home the other night, I had cause to test the SBC system on my Merc! Driving along an A road in the dark, came across a car stopped dead in front of a puddle. No brake lights, no hazards. As I (just) pulled up behind him, he advanced cautiously into the puddle (probably wisely...
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    Ankaa 17 inch wheels and tyres £200

    Four original Mercedes Ankaa 17 inch wheels with tyres, wheels in need of refurbishing, and one has a small crack on the inner rim, which will need to be repaired. Price factors all of this in. Two good tyres, two will need replacing. Collection from Cholsey, Oxfordshire, OX10 9. Or you can...
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    4 x 16 inch Avon Touring Ice tyres £240

    New in March, done 3,000 miles only, excellent condition and very well reviewed tyres. 225 55 16, were fitted to my W211. £240 for the four (two thirds of the new price, I feel is extremely reasonable, considering then are probably less than 10% used). Tyres are in Cholsey, OX10.
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    W211 320 CDI Thermostat

    So I'm sure this is not a new topic. Been wondering why fuel economy was poor, and performance erratic, and suddenly twigged as I noticed that the water temp gauge was usually indicating around 60 max, when I guess it should be showing 90 degrees. So just a couple of questions, really for...
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    W211 Saloon cross bars Genuine Mercedes

    Very good condition roof cross bars for W or S211 saloon. Genuine dealer fit accessory, lockable with keys, and rubber inserts, very easy to fit, very quiet in operation. Rare opportunity May swap for cross bars for W211 Estate, due to change of vehicle, otherwise looking for £100...
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    New Merc - Got lucky with spec

    So I sold my E350, which was sad, but I needed to free up some cash, so I purchased a mega miles E320 cdi. It seems that I got lucky. When I say mega miles, it's scarcely run in at 185k (2002 car). I purchased it in a hurry yesterday. It was described by the seller as 'immaculate for...
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    Mcar Echo

    Hi guys, I have an Mcar unit installed in my W211, but when using the phone, people say it sounds like I'm underwater, or they can hear an echo of themselves, any advice?
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    2005 E350 Avantgarde

    With extreme regret, due to loss of job, I have to offer my E350 for sale. It is a wonderful car, in great condition. It is what I'd call a 'mid facelift' car, in that in doesn't have the cosmetic facelift of 2006, but has the new engine and gearbox. To my mind it's a benefit that it still...
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    Mercedes Alustyle bicycle carriers

    Hi Guys, I've become a bit of a cycling nut over the past year. Been mainly using my wife's VW whenever I need to carry bikes, but would like to be able to use my E-class. I have the opportunity to pick up roofbars and alustyle bike carriers, does anybody have these? Are they any good...
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    W/S 211 Wheels without tyres

    Wanted W/S 211 Wheels without tyres Hi Guys, Anybody have any spare sets of wheels knocking around? I'm pretty flexible on size, happy with 16's, 17's or 18's. Condition as well is relatively unimportant - I'm happy to get them refurbished. I'm just taking my winter tyres off (just got...
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    Mcar first impressions

    So having got my Mcar unit fitted today, first impressions are very good. Whilst the user interface is not intuitive, it does interface well with the factory fitted components. Fitting it was a pain, and I almost regretted greatly not going for the fullly fitted option. It should really...
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    wahey, I'm now hardcore!

    Just made my 100th post, so now a hardcore enthusiast! Well I never! :bannana:
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    Adjusting lights for use on continent

    Hi guys, just off to France for a skiing holiday, and I was sure that the E-Class would have an adjustment to change the headlight deflection, but on checking the owners manual, it says I have to take it to an authorised dealer. So can anybody enlighten me, is there a switch, and is it easy...
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    CD Changer from 2005 W211

    CD Changer from my 2005 E350, working perfectly, about to be professionally removed by Comand Online to make way for Mcar unit. £99 including postage and packaging. Can be collected for a £9 discount. Cheers, David
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