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  1. Goldfish11

    ipad launch 2012 - where was the rush?

    Well today is the big ipad 3 launch date. Completely forgot but was passing PC World Coventry this morning at about 10am saw a poster with an ipad on. I needed an other ipad for work so popped into PCWorld/Currys. Walked in and there was loads of tapped out lanes with "New Product launch...
  2. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo October 2011

    The Costco 20% off 4 Michelin Tyres is running from 31st October (Monday) until the 20th November 2011. Time to order up your nice cheap Winter Tyres or get some new summers. Just got their leaflet in the post today.
  3. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo October 2011

    The Costco 20% off 4 Michelin Tyres is running from 31st October (Monday) until the 20th November 2011. Time to order up your nice cheap Winter Tyres or get some new summers.:D Just got their leaflet in the post today.
  4. Goldfish11

    Help - Samsung Galaxy mini & A Class Audio 20 bluetooth problem

    My Dad has just bought a 2 year old "A Class" which has the Audio 20 with Bluetooth included. He has also just purchased a Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570 and we are really struggling to get this working with the Car. We have managed to get the phone to sync contacts and it also connects so you...
  5. Goldfish11

    C Class Elegance - looking very Elegant.

    Got up and gave the car a quick wash, dry and a quick dusting of Sonus Glanz. Total Time 60minutes (20 for the car and 40 for the wheels :crazy:) Finally go on top of this after owning for 1 month, it is now sealed and super easy to maintain even through 600 miles were covered last week...
  6. Goldfish11

    Mercedes-Benz Winter Wheel & Tyre Promotion 2011

    Just got details from Mercedes Benz of Bedford that the Winter Tyre Promotion has started running. The website is up. Sadly dont have link probably only dealers can view. Prices are excellent - For example for a W204 C Class (My new vehicle). For 4x 16" Mercedes Benz 7 spoke "Pristix"...
  7. Goldfish11

    Michelin Composite Snow Chains now available in Costco

    OK I know it is "belt and braces" but I just popped into CostCo and they are selling packs of Michelin Composite Snow Chains for £49.99 + VAT per pack of two. These are also approved for use in France (where their kind police will fine you if you are in the alps without chains and get stuck)...
  8. Goldfish11

    Please help in updating the NavTeq Maps for Mercedes

    So I now have my new Comand update but I am still finding Petrol Stations that were closed over 10 years ago and roads that are missing. Really annoying but I guess no one has told them. It turns out you can register on the NavTeq website and report errors on the maps and also add in points...
  9. Goldfish11

    Winter Tyres - Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 245/45 R 17 (99V) MO

    Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 M+S 245/45 R 17 99V MO (MO = Mercedes Original) Used for 1 winter (4 months) on Mercedes E Class (W211) have sold car hence selling. Still have nearly 8mm of tread, according to my tyre depth gauge . Purchased October 2010 Cost new over £200 each! Internet Sellers...
  10. Goldfish11

    My new C Class Elegance Edition 125

    After seeing Gr4z's lovely C350 I thought I should share my new C Class. It is an C220 Elegance semi Sport Edition 125 ;) My logic when specifing it was. I like the Elegance interior was not so keen on the front exterior so specified the Elegance and then stuck on the Intelligent Lighting...
  11. Goldfish11

    MB cannot accept responsibility if you use Summer Tyres below +7C

    See below - Extract from the new C Class manual - It seems mercedes are not taking any responsibility if you are silly and drive on summers and the temperature is below +7 C Interactive Owner's Manual [w204] Does this mean now we all have to invest in Winter Tyres for our Cars. As a fan...
  12. Goldfish11

    Comand Online NTG4.5 - C Class face lift - Current Navigation Map Data

    Just got my new C Class (there will be pictures soon, promise). I am however suprised that a load of new roads are missing. My SLK comand ntg 2.5 has the January 2011 update and on this many of these roads are present. So my question is what is the most up to date map version for the...
  13. Goldfish11

    Album Art - Where does comand online get its Album art from?

    I now have my new W204 C Class with the new Comand online. I notice when using my ipod and other media that sometimes I get Album art displayed and at other times it is not displayed. I was initially wondering if it was something to do with the album art location. Yesterday however I...
  14. Goldfish11

    16 inch steel wheels for C Class W204 (facelift)

    I am just having a discussion with a number of parts departments and seem to be getting a mixed message about getting a set of steel wheels (which will be used with snow tyres for a W204) Some say they are available others say they are not, some say they can supply something to fit but they are...
  15. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo

    Just popped into Costco there bi annual 20% off four tyres promotion starts on Monday 13th June (Finishing on 03/07/11) (They normally do an other promo in December/January time as I bought a set then):thumb: Remember they dont have to be the same 4 tyres so you can buy 1 for one car, 1 for...
  16. Goldfish11

    Delivery Charge on New C Class W204 - Please explain.

    I am just having an interesting debate with my local dealership. I am trying to buy a new C Class. The new C Class price list brochure states in the small print on page 5. "Recommended on-the-road price: these prices reflect the Road Fund Licence applicable to the standard model plus...
  17. Goldfish11

    Tank Capacity with Reserve

    I notice the W204 brochure states that the Tank Capacity with reserve is "Tank capacity / with reserve (l) 59 / 8" Does this mean the total capacity is 59 litres or 59 + 8 litres = 67 Litres.:confused: If you can give me a quick insight I would appreciate it.
  18. Goldfish11

    Any one got a car in Alabandine Gray - what color is it?

    A strange request :o Just trying to choose a C Class car color it is a toss up between Alabandine Gray or Palladium Silver (with Alpaca interior). I like the darker Alabandine as it shows up the chrome better but what colour is the metallic in it? I saw one briefly and it looked as if it...
  19. Goldfish11

    Becker Map Pilot or Comand on W204 ?

    I am just configuring a new W204 and will be putting in some form of Nav unit. As my vehicle will be the facelift the Audio 20 comes with Becker Map Pilot pre wiring. Just plug it into the glove box and it completely integrates. Also for orders placed by the 30th June MB are throwing it in for...
  20. Goldfish11

    W211 E class saloon wheels / rims

    I am preparing for winter:crazy: I am looking for a set of E class W211 wheels. Must be genuine Mercedes. They are for a spare set which can be fitted with snow tyres so don't want to pay to much but must be good condition and sound. Currently have Ankaa 17inch fitted so if it was this...
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