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    My rusty babe is going...

    My W210 is up for sale. Sad to see it going but credit crunch and new baby can't make things better... motorwise of course. anyone interested...
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    Hot Gun to sort things out.... check this one out....
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    Missing service history

    Guys some time ago I was advised on service history that's missing on my E230. Sent an email to MB and just recieved a response as follows: ''... Thank you for your e-mail. To enable us to provide you with the service history, we need you to provide us with proof of ownership. This is a faxed...
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    stolen - recovered

    just a quick one I have been offered a car that's been stolen and then recovered. what are the catches and what I need to do and to know if I want to go for it? Does it leave any mark of that fact in log book? Cheers
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    What's that box??

    Guys please have a look at picture can anybody tell me what is that box marked on the picture? We are talking about 1996 E230 Car is running ok but spotted oily stains on this box. What is it and what may this stains come from?? Kind Regards
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    Rear window leak

    Hi guys was just wandering if anybody could put some light on the case and if anybody could advice on cost to have the job done. It is about 1996 E 230 rear window seal leaking. Today morning I have found passanger side rear seat wet just by doors/windows. I have spotted rubber seal is not...
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    Trade Standards or straight to Court?

    Hi Guys couldn't find a thread that would answer my questions so I am posting this one. You may just redirect me to a post that would clarify... Back to the core of the problem I have bought an E230 N reg 1996 two weeks ago. From a trader. The price was suspiciously low and I have haggled down...
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