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  1. mariuss

    ESP malfunction

    Hi I have this message on my display ESP MALFUNCTION visit the workshop. I must say I have replaced the upper and lower arms bushings front suspension, coz of this my steering wheel has been in a wonky position for some time and that message came on. it's there any way of resetting this...
  2. mariuss

    Shock absorber clk w 209

    Hi every one. My shock absorbers in my clk w209 2006 they gone, any advice where I can get some decent ones ?
  3. mariuss

    Lower back suspension arms.HELP.

    My front tyres are wearing out on the exterior side. I have recently changed the lower back suspension arms. I need some professional advice . Do i need to change the upper front suspension arms and the drop links ?
  4. mariuss

    Rear Brake pads&discs W209 2006

    I'm looking for decent set of rear brake pads and discs for my w209 2006 . I will much appreciated some direction. And enyone heard of this Meyle Platinum Brake Discs Any good?
  5. mariuss

    3rd rear brake light W209 COUPE 2006

    Hi everyone, My 3rd rear brake light had stopped working. This is the LED brake light from the boot. Had anyone experienced the same problem and does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem
  6. mariuss

    Oil ghange in clk 220cdi

    hi, can anyone give me some advice on how to change the oil in a mercedes clk 220cdi?
  7. mariuss

    steamy windows

    Everytime I have my car washed or it's raining my windows get steamy when I use the heating. I need to use the air con to get rid of the steam. Does anyone know what's causing the steam and what is the solution to this problem. :(
  8. mariuss

    clk 220 ambient lighting

    :wallbash: Does anyone know how to fix the ambient lighting from the rear view mirror, mine stopped working.
  9. mariuss

    Mercedes CLK 2006 ambient lighting in rear view mirror

    The ambient light from my rear view mirror stopped working, any ideas on how to fix it?
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