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  1. tromppost

    CLS Owner's Register

    The list could do with a little update, a few deletions for sold !
  2. tromppost

    Keyless relay attack - in action.

    Auto Watch Ghost is worth a look NEW! Autowatch Ghost CANbus Immobiliser
  3. tromppost

    Got the 190, now the daily's arrived.

    Fab car and love the colour. By the way that you described your "experience" of Mercedes sales and the car being perfectly clean and ready your salesman must have been Ian Chatten ?
  4. tromppost

    Looking at a W221 S500L ('56 plate) with EML some advice

    It's valued at £9k ish, engine management light was on when it got MOTed Dec 2014. May well need new front disc and a few other bits. Low amount of owners is a good thing IMO, can you find one privately ?
  5. tromppost

    Auto watch Ghost installed (Midlands)

    Having one fitted on Friday by Mercedes Retrofit Specialist -
  6. tromppost

    Gtechniq Protection

    It's brilliant and so easy to maintain after, as said above just a quick wipe over with Gtech quick detailer AUDI new car protection, paint correction, detailing Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor, Marlow, Gerrards Cross, Stains, Eton
  7. tromppost

    On the hunt for a C63...

    You will struggle to get a RS4 for £25, but gotta say they are really really good.
  8. tromppost

    CLS advice please

    They are a long way from me as well, I brought my new car from them. If you are after a CLS that one is really good, very original, not paint work every been done to it, full service history, fab car
  9. tromppost

    CLS advice please

    This is my old car if you are after a Grand Edition
  10. tromppost

    Gtechniq Detail advice

    I had mine done last week, really easy to keep clean after. Worth taking to a pro imo
  11. tromppost

    New CLS! (Now the paperwork is sorted!)

    Did you not fancy my old one
  12. tromppost

    My old CLS

    My old CLS is for sale, no affiliation with seller. Great car if anyone is interested \
  13. tromppost

    My third CLS

    They are great cars, had mine for three year and loved it. Changing it for an A4 tomorrow
  14. tromppost

    Value service question

    I had the value service last May on my 59 CLS, pretty cheep for an oil change
  15. tromppost

    Car path to your first Mercedes?

    Austin Alegro Estate (76 P) Fiat 127 (81 X) Ford Sierra 1.6L (83 A) Ford Sierra 2.0GL (85 C) Mercedes 190E Auto (85 B) Mercedes 190E Auto (86 D) BWM 635 CSI (85 C) Mercedes 420 SEC (86 D) BWM 840 CSI (94 L) Mercedes S500L (96 R) VW Passet 1.8 (96 R) Audi A8 3.7 (96 P) Mercedes S320...
  16. tromppost

    Working in Copenhagen

    Get a bike, so easy to get around and you must go to Welcome - . If you are going to live in town centre parking is a pain. You will love it out there I spent 10 weeks working
  17. tromppost

    PCP Hand Back and repairs

    You are a very poor counter, ""but like a small dart has hit the paint 5, or six times in an area the size of half a matchbox"" I stopped counting at 20!!
  18. tromppost

    Diamond Cut Alloys refurbishment

    £125 inc vat each wheel, but as I said they have gone milky way to quickly
  19. tromppost

    Diamond Cut Alloys refurbishment

    I had all four of mine done by Wheel Refurbishment, Wheel Repair & Alloy Wheels In Slough, Berkshire last year and the centres on the rear wheels are starting to go milky again. "Apparently" diamond cut wheels always do that !
  20. tromppost

    Rust on wheel arch

    If the arch is original paint run it my your local Mercedes dealership and get them to look at it, maybe a warranty claim ?
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