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  1. TeddyRuxpin

    E63 AMG in Wales

    Glad you had a great time - fantastic looking car, and lovely weather for it. Would love to see how much more supple it is compared to a 'regular' E-class. Never been a fan of black wheels before but yours look amazing with the silver paint! Where is the lake in the picture with the three cars?
  2. TeddyRuxpin

    Who uses ‘V-Power Diesel’....

    I don’t think even Shell claim that V-power diesel is doing anything more than cleaning/keeping clean, helping the car try to maintain its potential. That’s why I use it anyway, especially on a higher mileage car that has only been in my ownership for 20-25% of its life. I’ve never seen any...
  3. TeddyRuxpin

    E350 231bhp vs 265bhp

    I don't think the turbo is different, but apparently the injectors are. There are a couple of other changes I've noticed, such as a different location/type of PCV, as well as a slightly different looking turbo pipe. There is a bit of a remap/different map, on the 265, too. The 265bhp with the...
  4. TeddyRuxpin

    Who uses ‘V-Power Diesel’....

    Not the most scientific test, but: My car is on 155K miles and I've only ever used Shell V-Power in the 2.5 years / ~30,000 miles.
  5. TeddyRuxpin

    Just a few pics

    At least you eventually got your money! Congrats on the new car, and looking forward to seeing some more pics. Hope you get time to go out and enjoy it.
  6. TeddyRuxpin

    Just a few pics

    Very cool car... post full pics!
  7. TeddyRuxpin

    2010 s212 e350 intermittent high revs before upshifting

    Both OM642 revisions should idle at about 550-650rpm under normal conditions, and 750-850rpm when cold or during DPF regen, which is why I was asking. I wouldn't rule out an issue that stops the car from regen-ing properly, and therefore it keeps attempting it.
  8. TeddyRuxpin

    Most annoying w212 rattle 🤬

    Yeah, I covered those with acoustic (felt) tape, but just be careful you don't make it too tight to fit everything back!
  9. TeddyRuxpin

    Who services their own car? (W212 E350 CDI here)

    Ah looks cool.. but the car has 8-8.5L of oil! I'll see if there's something bigger - I think people used to recommend a powered one, from Aldi/LIDL etc...
  10. TeddyRuxpin

    Who services their own car? (W212 E350 CDI here)

    Afternoon all, I'm at about 7k miles since the last service, been quite busy and doing lots of motorway miles. The regular interval is 1 year or ~15k miles, right? Do you guys change the oil/service every 10k miles instead? I'm thinking of buying one of those oil suction pumps so that I don't...
  11. TeddyRuxpin

    Most annoying w212 rattle 🤬

    I have taken that whole section apart and placed felt tape all over it to get rid of the rattles and squeaks. I’m afraid you’ll likely have to do the same. It’s probably more the air vents above the radio, but there’s loads or creaky plastic there Also try putting the sliding tray back to the...
  12. TeddyRuxpin

    BMW X3

    I had an e39 with an m54 engine and I would not describe it as reliable (at least once over 100k and/or 15+ years old) I love BMWs but the plastics in the engine don’t age well I did a lot of work on that engine, and they weren’t galvanised back then (similar time scale as MB) so would rust. I...
  13. TeddyRuxpin

    E350Cdi Stage 1 Remap Dyno Variation vs Stock

    Stock/manufacturer quoted torque is at the crank not at the wheels
  14. TeddyRuxpin

    Current COMAND Map Versions

    Am I right to think that NTG4 updates were stopped in 2018-2019?
  15. TeddyRuxpin

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    It was - they had really nice cars inside too, but I didn't want to be too nosey! Gives you a bit of confidence in the place when there are classics and AMGs everywhere. I've had good service from them a few times now, so I do recommend them.
  16. TeddyRuxpin

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Took my dads car for an MOT and investigation of a slight oil leak at TM Motors. It’s the black W212 btw, don’t get too excited!
  17. TeddyRuxpin

    Icarsoft mb2 updates.

    Get ahold of a windows machine is the tricky bit...
  18. TeddyRuxpin

    Finally done my 7G-Tronic plus service on the drive.

    Brilliant video and job - well done!
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