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    Please can forum members inform us to the outcome of the problem they have.

    Hi , members on here have spent hours helping new members (such as me) sorting out car problems and then nothing.
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    Hi everybody , I would like to apologize for my style in various threads and for any upset caused. It was not my intention to cause any issues but certain comments I made did.
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    Can Mercedes Benz Survive in UK market ?

    Hi , If the MB business model does not change they can wave good bye to UK market along with Audi and BMW.
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    Such a shame that Mercedes and Fiat / Alpha are mentioned in the same topic regarding rust.

    Hi , My car is beautiful built but could be a rust bucket !
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    Driving aids be turned off

    Hi , it's all to do with exhaust emissions , turn on your heater , engine works harder , etc etc.
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    Well my park assist has just been updated / not really

    Hi , well it was this morning's operation
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    New model range Mercedes

    Hi , Mercedes models in the future
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    How fast are AMG M RS cars :

    Hi , not as fast as you think ! . Years ago I had a customer who was a car nut. On a visit was to his office he was not his usual self. What's wrong I asked him ? My Scooby is crap from the lights ( is was based on a Pro drive 400 with all the toys and greatly improved engine out put ) He...
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    How much will the Mercedes Benz free inspection cost me ?

    Hi , if I took the car in for free inspection what would be the overall cost ? Car has done 35,000 miles 6 years old and a full MBSH. No such thing as a free lunch
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    Mercedes Benz extended warranty

    Hi , suggest you check your bank statement / credit card statement as the insurance company have taken two payments by mistake / I believe them in this case. This was the first payment of the new policy.No issues as payment will be refunded.
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    Do LSD make any difference on a road car ?

    Hi , any noticeable difference fitting an LSD on a road car ?
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    Petrol engine emissions

    Hi , has any one heard about petrol engines be caught up in diesel gate ?
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    Where has my post gone !

    Hi , post was about AMG performance !
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    Control Systems in C207

    Hi , Mercedes Right hand drive cars that originate from the EU.
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    Should you purchase fairly new Mercedes cars from Mercedes dealers ?

    Hi , don't want to start any issues but should you ?
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    Battery cars on holiday

    Hi , on holiday in you brand new Mercedes PMF model electric car. It's now 2027 and 15% off cars on the road the road are battery powered. On M5 , need to charge battery at Taunton Dean but a queue over a mile long swing to get on the service area. You drive on and see hundreds of car on the...
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    Hand built regarding AMG engines !

    Hi , could someone please define what you think hand built AMG engines mean !
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    Self driving cars

    Hi , I cannot believe that the UK government will allow driverless cars any time soon.I have just read many threads on the forum with safety system inoperative. Only reading this forum ! It is no good comparing light passenger cars with heavy commercial aircraft.Even aircraft with numerous...
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    Hi , I fully understand that correct season type tyres are better than summer tyre in the United Kingdom in the winter months. Car tyres are expensive and is it realistic that the average motorist can have two different tyres of tyres on the daily driver car. I don't think that winter tyres...
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