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    Porsche Carrera C2 997

    Ive swapped the C63 for a 911 Carrera Coupe Heres a pic And received much ribbing at Goodwood last month from the AMG clan:D
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    C43 - spotted at Ashford MB today

    A very nice C43 parked up at Ashford MB today only a phone pic but that paintwork was superb!:thumb:
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    Mercedes on BBC HD Now

    Racing Legends Stirling Moss & Patrick Stewart:thumb: It features a Gullwing
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    Merc Indy in Halifax, West Yorkshire area

    Hi i may be moving my 190E up to West Yorkshire for 2013 and beyond can anyone recommend a good indy for servicing and repairs? thanks :thumb:
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    A rather nice old Merc at Ashford Mercedes

    In for gearbox issues apparently nothing wrong with that interior :cool:
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    GOODWOOD on TV now

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    GW Trackday Tyres Pressures - Tomorrow

    Hi Gents what tyre pressures are you guys planning on running? ive just set mine (C63) at -2psi versus the handbook ie 39psi all round as opposed to 41psi its going to be rather cold ( less than 5 degrees C )tomorrow do you think that makes any odds? :thumb:
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    Eco Display, any good?

    the 2012 E Class has within the dashboard display a screen entitled Eco Display ( i expect other models have it too ) it shows a percentage since start figure acceleration, constant and coasting bars that fill up its connected to the Eco drive stop start mechanism anyone got it, look at...
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    Prices of old/interesting cars - what should we pay?

    its a funny thing ..price on old/interesting cars a car is worth what someone will pay for it- a well used phrase many people would like to sell an interesting car for a high price - good for the wallet and perhaps a sense of satisfaction associated with the enjoyment of a positive...
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    Rear Facing Seats (in an Eclass )

    MB state that these seats have a suitable capacity for children up to 50kg Im therefore assuming that would be two children up to 50kg each So what do the panel think about putting say one slim but tall female in these seats from time to time? short journeys only , weight approx 56-60kg max...
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    SL 55 AMG Remap

    A friend has recently acquired an SL 55 AMG which has undergone a remap estimated to be up to say 600bhp He would like to take it back down to the standard settings which i estimate involves CPU adjustments and would it need pulley changes etc is it a big job and would it likely involve much...
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    E Class 350 Estate V6 Petrol

    there are a few threads on the 350 Diesel.... but has anyone got a 350 petrol ? and are they any good ? the 3498cc V6 petrol sounds good to me with 306 bhp 0-60 in 6.7 Is the combined fuel consumption of 39.8mpg achievable ?
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    Speed Limiter

    whilst most all AMGs are fitted with a limiting device at 155mph is it possible that this might not operate due to malfunction or if a non standard gear selection is made? for example one might expect to hit the speed limiter at 155mph in 7th in C S or M mode i am advised that whilst driving a...
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    Leather Interior Option C Class Estate

    there appears to be several leather options in the June Price list suitable for the Executive SE this used to be similar to the now superceeded elegance (if you put the luxury pack on ) anyway its too complex for me and the salesman didnt seem absolutely certain so...... leather .....i...
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    Fiat 500

    wafted past this on my yorkshire tour this week :D
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    This looks nice theres even a video too MERCEDES 190E (1991/H) EXC COND - 49K GENUINE MILES For Sale on Car And Classic UK
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    Nice red 1973(ish) TR6 spotted in a hotel carpark in Sutton Coldfield:thumb:
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    C63 v 911 Carrera S

    Just a brief note on real world straight line performance both cars were side by side at a steady 95mph the C63 was a 457bhp version in M mode in 5th gear the Carrera had engaged sports chrono each had two occupants both cars accelerated (full throttle) to approx 130mph it was a short...
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    Morris Minor Van

    spotted this in France this weekend with UK plates
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    Alpina B3S BT E90

    well i think they are easy on the eye
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