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  1. Mobb

    Renntech Boot & Wing Badges.. Brand New! Genuine!

    Brand new genuine Renntech boot badge and two fender/wing badges.. Very rare and hard to find... Especially brand new. £150 + P & P ONO Will be sent Royal Mail First Class, Signed For.
  2. Mobb

    Genuine Mercedes Benz CLK Passenger Side Interior Vent - Black/Dark Grey OEM

    Purchased from Germany to replace the one in my car, but I didn't get around to fitting. Its not new, although its flawless.. No marks whatsoever... I'd class it as virtually new. In perfect working order. £25 ONO + P&P Location - Essex Contact - O7415 O95 7four1
  3. Mobb

    Genuine BBS LM's Mirror Polished - Staggered look - New Tyres!

    MODEL: BBS LM (Genuine) BOLT PATTERN: 5x112 Audi / VW / Mercedes Fitment SPEC: 19 x 8.5 ET: 38 F and ET25 R (Reverse Mounted) FINISH: Mirror polished lips, Moonstone Blue faces and hand polished original BBS bolts. -19x8.5J all around.. (Staggered Look, as the rear dishes are...
  4. Mobb

    00' CLK 55 AMG (208) Black Opal

    Unfortunately it's time to sell my CLK.. After nearly four years of owning it and recently buying a new car, I simply can’t drive two cars.. So rather than garage it, I'd prefer it goes to someone who will love it as much as I do. It’s been washed, vacuumed and waxed every weekend since I bought...
  5. Mobb

    19" Kleemann TS5's with tyres

    Im only selling as I want a set of 18" R129 AMG alloys for the CLK. They are: 19" 5 x 112 (Mercedes, BMW and some VW) ET35 19 x 8.5 Polished and rolled lips Black centres Silver barrels. Tyres - Rears: Falken 265/30/19 Fronts: Vredstien & Bridgestone 245/35/19 All with legal tread left, but...
  6. Mobb

    Roundabout Crash - Damage limitation! (Part two)

    So as some of you may remember, I was involved in a crash at a roundabout.. Long story short, - my car came off worst - £1250 in repairs to the car - other parties car only had a scuffed front plate and small crack in the front bumper... £350 MAX in damage. - other party Is now claiming...
  7. Mobb

    Roundabout crash..

    So at around 10AM this morning I was on my way back from dropping a friend off.. I approach the roundabout shown below at around 5-10MPH (The red ring represents my car) As I approach the roundabout I look right and then left and then right and then left again.. I dont see any cars at the...
  8. Mobb

    CLK 55 Faults

    The car was plugged in yesterday and threw the following codes. They were then all cleared, car restarted.. The only code to come back straight away was the P0100 (MAF). P0100 Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Malfunction P0304 Code - Cylinder #4 Misfire P0307 Code - Cylinder #7 Misfire P0300...
  9. Mobb

    CLK 55 (208) Died on me.

    Title may be a little dramatic, but it happened on Wednesday just gone. Driving along at around 80MPH on a dual carriage way, approaching a roundabout. Pulled up to the roundabout and went to go around it when the car just died. Tried to start it again straight away as I was sat on a...
  10. Mobb

    CLK 55 (208) Black Vert - Owner on here? Value.

    So on the way to work yesterday morning I stopped off at a Tesco's I use regularly and saw a Black CLK 55 vert that I see fairly often around that area. Its a lovely example - Black, AMG splits, genuine CLK 55, convertible, lady owner for the past 9 years+ and best of all only 38K on the clock...
  11. Mobb

    CLK (208) 54 Plate! Brabus!

    Wow :eek: Mercedes-Benz : Mercedes-Benz CLK Brabus Final Edition Cabriolet Very nice.. Ticks all the boxes really... But £40K? :crazy::dk: What do we think?
  12. Mobb

    New tyres..

    Im about to buy tyres for the 19x8.5J Kleemann alloys I have.. They will be fitted to the CLK 55. Spec of the tyres; MICHELIN N1 235/35/ZR19 87Y X4 All Round. As all four wheels are 8.5J I have decided against staggered tyres.. So will these tyres be ok to fit on my CLK 55? In terms of...
  13. Mobb

    Water? Leaking from rear of CLK 55

    Just as I was going out about 20 minutes ago I started the CLK up and sat in it for a few minutes waiting for it to warm up whilst on my phone. I did the usual which is to put the heated seats on, rear window demist and the hot air. After about 5 minutes I went back into the house to get...
  14. Mobb

    Thats not a real AMG? Isit?

    2000 MERCEDES CLK55 AMG AUTO SILVER | eBay From the outside, it looks ok.. But look closely at the interior picutres.. Thats a 430 steering wheel and the same seats (Perforated) as I had in my 230K :confused: That cant be a real 55 can it? If it is, why would anyone swap the AMG...
  15. Mobb

    Just read...

    If your going to attract an audience.. Thats how to do it. :devil::cool: Must have taken him a while to write out. :D Just read the description guys.. 2002 / 52 - MG MGF ZR 1.4 ROVER | eBay
  16. Mobb

    208/210 Avantgarde Gear Knob

    Still looking for this part! Somebody must have one?
  17. Mobb

    208 CLK Steering wheel..

    A little while ago, trying to get rid of the "sticky crap" on the multifunction steering wheel controls that has started to flake off over the years.. I followed advice from somebody and tried to remove the residue with nail polish remover.. :doh: Anyway, the reason im here now is that it...
  18. Mobb

    BBS Lug Nuts

    I like the attention to detail that these give.. I have just found a set on ebay and am seriously thinking about buying them. One of my friends has them on his M3 and they look really good. Questions are; I have heard I will have to do a stud conversion if I want to run these on my car? is...
  19. Mobb

    Custom front bumper - Advice needed

    Im looking to have some custom work done to my car - I want to have a 203 AMG front bumper fused with a 208 AMG front bumper. So the top half of the 208 bumper and the lower half of the 203. Could anyone advise as to; Who could do the work in the London/Essex area? What sort of cost should...
  20. Mobb

    208 CLK Drivers info

    I was going through it and realised that I dont have the option to view my speed as im driving.. :dk: It should be located (I believe) in the same menu as the miles, service indicator and the oil check, but there is no digital speedo at all? I know it exists as I have seen it on other...
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