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    Viano Wheels

    I have a 2011 Viano, whats the biggest size alloys i can put on without have any issues
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    Heated seat w210

    My drivers side heated seat has stopped working. the switch still lights up. under the seat there is 3 or 4 multi plugs, which is the one that goes the heater bit. any ideas?
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    Speed Cameras

    Do there work in the dark?
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    The Stig changes channels

    ‘Top Gear’s famous masked racing driver The Stig is speeding away from the BBC to join Channel Five. Last month, the mysterious man in the helmet was revealed to be Ben Collins. The BBC fired him after a bitter court battle because he wanted to reveal his identity in his autobiography. Now...
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    Is it worth getting tracker fitted to my 2nd hand van i have just bought. as far as i can see from trackers website it's only £135 per year to have tracker fitted. the van does have a Thatcham cat1 alarm and immobilizer fitted, will this be enough to stop the low life's from nicking it, it will...
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    Van Insurance

    God it's expensive, I'm looking to buy a van with air con for about £5000, i have seen a couple on ebay so i got a quote for a 2006 Citroen relay LWB hight top, I'm 40 with 9 years NCB, Direct line £1091, Gladiator £775, I only pay £400ish for my car. why is it say expensive. :doh:
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    Ready mixed paint

    i want to paint my wheels with a spray gun, what ratio of paint and thinners would use or can i buy ready mixed paint and thinners all in one tin?.
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    internet abroad

    I'm going to tenerife in January for 3 weeks and need to answer my emails 1 or 2 times a day on my notebook. not sure if a can get free wifi so i will need to buy some type of dongle or something not sure which would be the best route. any ideas please.
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    Does he have the stock that he advertises, or does he have virtual stock and tries to source the parts after someone has placed an order. I recommend Euromerc to someone and 3 weeks later he is still waiting for the part. Now i look a fool:doh:
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    CSV files..

    how or what do i need to open a CSV extension file, any ideas.
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    GENUINE E Class AMG (w210) Full Bodykit - E55 or E36

    Is it worth what he's asking? GENUINE E Class AMG (w210) Full Bodykit - E55 or E36 on eBay (end time 06-Sep-10 20:10:10 BST)
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    This pulled out from a garage forecourt, c220 cdi 04-
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    Multi Plug....

    ...has anyone got a multi plug for a camshaft senor for my e220 cdi 2002. i know it's a long shot but you don't know until you try. who ever owned the car before me had a problem with the plug and used super glue to keep the terminal in place.:wallbash: now it is kaput, broke down last night...
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    key stopped working

    on Saturday my key stooped working, it will lock and unlock the doors. when i put the key in the ignition you don't get that noise. If it does make that noise the ignition lights will come on but it won't start. But if you unlock the doors put the key near the ignition and pressing the unlock...
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    Amg front bumper for mercedes e class w210 facelift

    I offered him £100, he declined. AMG FRONT BUMPER FOR MERCEDES E CLASS W210 FACELIFT on eBay (end time 12-Aug-10 19:25:38 BST)
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    Pulling to the left

    Not sure if this is the wright place, My car was pulling to the left, so i had the tracking done on Saturday morning, went on a 600 mile round trip over the week end and it's still pulling to the left, not as quick. i have checked the tyre pressure on all 4 tyres they are spot on. before i go...
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    Halo lights

    I have bought a pair of projector head lights with halos, the halos need a live feed, so when i turn the key the halos light up, where would be the best place to find such a live feed, i thought of connecting it to the cigar light, would that be safe?
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    Franking Machine

    I have been thinking about leasing a franking machine, i post about 125-150 small packets aweek, 1/ Is it worth my while, do you get much hassle. 2/ Is there any think to avoid when leasing a franking machine. any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Haynes Concorde Manual...

    ....they will make one for Concorde but they won't make one for my E class. Product: Concorde Manual
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    W210 Headlights removing PART 2 (bumper)

    who do i remove my front bumper, anybody got any instructions
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