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  1. scotth_uk

    iPhone 3G or 3GS? Do not upgrade to OS4!

    3G and 3GS upgrades have been fine for me.....
  2. scotth_uk

    B Class Problems

    Might be worth a quick look at the Benzworld Forum - there is a W245 B group over there discussing pluses and minuses. Here's the link:
  3. scotth_uk

    Intermitent Air Conditioning W126,Why?

    Finny, have a read through google - I had a W126 which displayed similar traits. Turns out that there are mountains of information about how there are likely to be issues such as dry solder joints behind the panel, dodgy fuse holders that cause intermittant starts, etc. Some of the american...
  4. scotth_uk

    jobs exported to japan...

    I'm all for the recovery of the UK, but buying trains from Japan is extremely sensible. Dealing with Japanese companies will be a pleasure compared to dealing with British ones. The trains may arrive in the right year, for the right price and actually work. ;-)
  5. scotth_uk

    Ouch :(

    Best wishes all the way from Sydney for a speedy recovery! Sorry to hear this bad news.
  6. scotth_uk

    B Class any good?

    There is of course a logical reason for that - research how the figures are measured and it will make sense. Whilst it's exciting that some here have reached or exceded the figures claimed by the manufacturer - the data is for comparison between vehicles, not actually what you'll get in the real...
  7. scotth_uk

    5th Gear last night

    It's so bad, I don't even bother downloading it anymore. Sad really, as I'd love another show of TG quality in competition.
  8. scotth_uk

    C230 Kompressor as track toy?

    I'd buy it for 400 just to thrash it for one day! Bargain!
  9. scotth_uk


    Hi Matt, Jut did - will respond later - It's beer o'clock here in Melbourne and we're in the midst of the worst heatwave in 103 years. Expecting 5 days in a row over 40 degrees. COLD BEER NEEDED NOW! :-) Scott
  10. scotth_uk

    Audi A6?

    A friend rented an A6 3.0 Quattro Diesel in Frankfurt and took it to the Nurburgring in 2005 - an activity frowned upon these days by rental companies. I had a few laps, and was really impressed with how it went in all aspects, and I thought that the understeer was acceptable given the weight...
  11. scotth_uk

    Macbook Air

    Hover over those links in the post - the first one has a trailing pair of inverted commas and the other is actually There's your problems.
  12. scotth_uk

    ECU re-mapping - can it be detected?

    I am also confident that a checksum method of testing would immediately uncover a modification - provided it can be accessed simply. All that the tech would need is a list of approved firmware checksum values for the car, and they'd quickly compare the car's current value to that list. If it...
  13. scotth_uk

    Macbook Air

    I managed to pur half a glass of wine into my MBA the other day. Immediately shut it down and turned it over. Left it overnight and attacked it with a hairdryer in the morning - fine and dandy.
  14. scotth_uk


    Hi Smatt, I am researching stereo upgrades at present, and have some useful information. Please PM me an email address, as some of the information may not be appropriate to post here (possible copyright issues). Scott
  15. scotth_uk

    Interested in a B Class

    I've just purchased a 12 month on B200T as a staff discounted demonstrator from Mercedes here in Australia and I absolutely love it. Quite a speedy thing if you engage the kickdown switch. ;-) Only complaint is that the suspension on 16" tyres is a lot less comfortable than I would have expected.
  16. scotth_uk

    SsangYong Go Bust

    Our local taxi company has sent those to me on multiple occasions - I now specifically advise them not to send them. Have rejected two so far. It's the ugliest POS I have ever seen on a road. I want to personally hurt each and every person involved in the development of that vehicle. :-)
  17. scotth_uk

    SsangYong Go Bust

    I drove a few Mussos and didn't think that they were too bad. The Kurando was and still is the ugliest car I have ever tested. I think both had the MB engines. In Australia they came with "powered by Mercedes Benz" stickers. No one will miss them.
  18. scotth_uk

    Macbook Air

    Not sure what you bought in the end, but I am a Macbook Air user and am very happy with the unit. I dropped it once, and it caused the internal fan to ocassionally stop spinning - Apple fixed it in 24 hours for me after dropping it off at one of their stores. Apart from that - no issues. I...
  19. scotth_uk

    124 Works - Highly Recommended

    Ian, It's been a while... :-) Great to continue to read good things about your business! Keep it up. Scott
  20. scotth_uk

    10.5.3 Released

    No hassles for me.
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