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  1. stats007

    Any boat owners on board?

    The pun was inexcusable I know :o. Any members with a stink boat? Am thinking about buying a cuddy or a RIB for use on the solent.
  2. stats007

    2003 cl55 amg

    Still looking for one these, Peter?
  3. stats007

    Interesting R129

    Can't see this selling any time soon. Not sure why some dealers think expenditure is commensurate to selling price? :rolleyes:
  4. stats007

    Nice R129 SL320

    This would be an excellent buy for anyone looking for a V6 R129. A few inaccuracies in the ad but for the price it could be a steal.
  5. stats007

    One for C43 AMG

    Not sure if you're still looking for one of these, Peter?
  6. stats007

    SA Code for Particulate Filter

    I've seen references to this being code 474 but contradicting statements that it is 926. Does anyone know for definite? The car is a W209 CLK220CDi. Cheers :).
  7. stats007

    Designo SL60

    I'm quite tempted! Clicky
  8. stats007

    Amazing Alloys Relocation

    Hi All, Firstly apologies for any lack of response to enquiries but I've just relocated to Hampshire and have had to put everything on hold for the time being. With that in mind I may be looking to employ or subcontract refurbishment work. If anyone is interested in a job opportunity then...
  9. stats007

    Van roof extractors

    Anyone know anything about these? Looking to fit one to my 04 Transit for some ventilation.
  10. stats007

    Compressor Regulator

    I have a 2.5hp 12.5cfm compressor that appears to have sprung a leak in the regulator. Are these serviceable or is it a new regulator job?
  11. stats007

    Renault World Series - Silverstone

    Anyone else going to this tomorrow or been today?
  12. stats007

    Peter Wheeler RIP

    Another motoring legend passes on :(. Story here.
  13. stats007

    Website Gallery - Lytebox or Lightbox?

    I can't seem to get Lytebox to work at all and Lightbox only works with Internet Explorer and not Mozilla which is a bit weird. Any ideas or recommendations? My preference is to get Lytebox working.
  14. stats007

    MB Parts Price Increases

    Maybe I haven't been paying much attention but it seems part prices for certain items have doubled in the last few years? R129 Storage Bin was around £12 - now £26. Antenna ~£40 now £80! What's going on? :confused::rolleyes::(
  15. stats007

    Anyone near Preston, Lancs?

    Need a wee favour...
  16. stats007

    Anyone near Torquay to view a car?

    It's not a Mercedes but has a V8 ;). PM me if you can help.
  17. stats007

    One for Tudu

    Here you go :devil:. Best get Olly to clear his diary ;).
  18. stats007

    One for Talbir

    This might come in handy... :D
  19. stats007

    R129 AMG Exhaust

    They weigh a ton and don't sound much different but rare enough. On German eBay here.
  20. stats007

    Anyone Part Exchanged an 02 SL55 Recently?

    Looking at a black SL55 - was on a private plate E1 ***. Would be interested to know more if possible.
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