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    20" Monarch Wheels & Tyres, 150miles new.

    Sold, Many thanks for your interest
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    20" Monarch Wheels & Tyres, 150miles new.

    20" Monarch Mercedes Wheels with Falken tyres. Only on car for 120miles, totally as new. Selling as my custom wheels have turned up early, was going to run them in the summer. PCD 5x112 fronts 20" * 8.5" et 35 brand new falkens 452 245/30/20 rears 20" * 10" et 38 brand new...
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    C55 AMG reliabilty and future values

    I too have been considering a C55 next. For me, however, the extra power of an E55 for less or the same money is almost a no-brainer. I do like the simplicity of the C55, n/a engine, smaller more chuckable chassis, less electronic gremlins to go wrong. However, as they are 2004+ cars they are...
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    Mk1 Golf GTI Cabriolet

    best bet is try pistonheads classifieds section.
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    BRAND NEW E-Class Custom Wheels, 3 Piece wheel, Mesh Design

    Offers, these are sat gathering dust in the boxes. never even seen a tyre or been fitted to a car. Only set ever produced. Genuine 3 piece split wheels made to the highest quality standards. Did you know BBS have a factory in Japan where all their split rims are made because no where...
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    BRAND NEW E-Class Custom Wheels, 3 Piece wheel, Mesh Design

    REDUCED Still sat ready to take away, not been out the boxes. Bolt on any W211. £1600
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    Brabus Monobloc 19" 2 Piece with tyres

    Mate of mine is selling these of his Brabus B11 he's just bought:- Decided to let these go as I have my eye on something else. These are original Brabus 2 piece Monoblock of my Brabus. They are all in good condition with 2 of them bein Brand new. All tyres are in good condition...
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    BRAND NEW E-Class Custom Wheels, 3 Piece wheel, Mesh Design

    These wheels are still sat in the boxes, just as when they arrived. Let me know if you're interested, thanks.
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    BRAND NEW E-Class Custom Wheels, 3 Piece wheel, Mesh Design

    Selling for a friend who sold his E55 AMG and bought a CLS55 and wants 20" wheels now. The wheels have never been fitted to a car. Designed for fitment to W211 E-class Mercedes The quality of these wheels is way above BBS LM, plus this is the only set ever sold in PCD5x112 for Mercedes...
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    Thought you might appreciate these

    Varying range of display wheels turned up from Japan. I'm like a kid in the candy store, quality is incredible. They are for one of our retail outlets in London. Thought you might like them. Click links for high resolution.
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    20" Rims on a W140 S-Class....

    18 or 19" look so much better in wide fitment. The above is 18x10" fronts, 18x12.5" rears.
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    Barry Boys - If you're bored and want a laugh at the Chavs motors

    Actually that's style called VIP in Japan, big wheels, big kits and OTT styling. I will say this, we sell the wheels on that car and they retail at £2,000, it's almost worth buying to break. Rest of it is horrid though, there are some much better examples around. The scene is starting to...
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    Alloy wheel refurbishment

    I'm having my wheels refurbed by a friend in Wembley. £65 including VAT per wheel full inside & out. Takes 1 week, I get spare pair wheels to run around on. I will post before and after shots and give feedback.
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    Autotrader W124 Coupe E320

    poly v-belt tensioner lose, just like on my C280. I walked for exactly that reason, but I have to realise it's a car that's over 12 years old, it's never going to be perfect. Someone will fall in love with it, buy it, then spend £2k fixing all the faults. It's a pain changing all the suframe...
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    Autotrader W124 Coupe E320

    Maybe, no idea. was a serious leak though. In hindsight I should probably have test driven it. If it's still there after I've sold my car I'll go back. Very very clean car which always puts me off somewhat.
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    C240 Sport 1999 with Black Leather

    Again auto trader, went to see this yesterday...
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    Autotrader W124 Coupe E320

    Went to see this today (link below)...
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    W124 WALD bodykit

    Yes, it's something else we're investigating, i.e. we're responsible for the returning of the bumpers to Wald, not the customer. Sorry you can't fit to a pre-facelift W202. Well actually you can but you'd need to send Wald back a set of facelift bumpers. Also the price of around £1k...
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    W124 WALD bodykit

    W202 Wald kit is still available on an exchange basis as far as I know, both for the saloon and estate. This is for model 1997 onwards only. However, i doubt anyone will pay the £1,000 for the full kit, and then the shipping cost of their own bumpers back to Wald in Japan. It's an expensive...
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