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    Wanted: C126 bumper chrome (facelift)

    Just been on the phone to MB in Maidstone and they quoted me something like £142 +vat for the chrome corner pieces, same price front and back.... Thats a massive increase over the last couple of years... but I suppose its the same story for all classic parts.. but its not one im prepared to pay...
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    W124 to W210 gear shifter??

    I want to install a later W210 gear shifter to my W124... As you guys know, the W124 shifter and stalk is one piece, whereas on the W210, the stalk stays in situ and its just the gear shifter that comes off.. Iv seen people use the later ones on earlier cars... so how best to go about it...
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    W126 AMG bodykit, full or part kit, SEC...

    Hi guys, After giving up the search for a black on black 560 SEL, I finally bagged a W126 of some description, albeit a 500SEC! Need a full Gen2 AMG kit for it... Willing to buy in bits and also in full and also willing to travel any distance, UK wise... Cash waiting. Regards Dee
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    W124 E320 Saloon, AMG Kit, RHD,30k miles

    This looks absolutely lovely... Wonder what it will make... 1994 Mercedes E320 AMG Saloon W124 - 30k Miles & MOT | eBay
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    Wanted: W126 560SEL...

    As stated, im ready to get my teeth into another project, and a W126 560SEL is the choice of day. Has to be a 560SEL in black (grey also considered) and with BLACK leather interior which is a MUST... Going to be fussy with spec too as im willing to wait for the right car to come along, so...
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    W140 Mercedes S500 6.0 AMG

    Very interesting car.... Mercedes W140 S500 6.0L AMG LHD - M119 W124 E60 R129 SL60 engine | eBay
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    Michael Schumachers R107 6.0 AMG SL, 1 of 3

    Looks absolutely stunning ........ With a price tag to match! Michael Schumacher's Mercedes 560SL Was a Hammer on Wheels
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    S210 E55 AMG Designo/Facelift

    Granted intergalactic mileage, facelift, low owners, obviously needs work, but very interesting exterior/interior colours.... Never seen a full interior in that colour! Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W210 - 7 seat estate | eBay
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    Zender kitted W124 300E

    It does look clean Mercedes W124 300E (Classic) | eBay
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    W211 E55 AMG... Low mileage, 33k miles...

    Black on black, states low mileage.... £14K, but with so many tired ones hovering around the £10k mark , if this one checks out could be prudent.... Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG 5.4 auto E55 AMG | eBay
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    Wanted: Genuine one piece ///AMG badge..

    I need a genuine one piece ///AMG badge as would have been found on W202 C36's, W124 E36's, W140 AMG's etc... Made between (and found on many other AMG models of the same vintage), say roughly 1993-97....? cash waiting.... Dee :thumb:
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    Wanted: W124 Wings (both)

    I need a pair of W124 Wings... Anything genuine and rust free is considered with cash waiting.. PS: Last case scenario, i would consider new pattern wings, but havent got a clue who makes a decent set nowadays as Hadrians have folded up... Any sugestions would also be appreciated..:thumb...
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    W124 300D with AMG kit and AERO 1's...

    I love the look of this.... Looks like an enthusiast got hold of it and spent some good mney on it...Combines rare Gen1 AMG looks with the practicality of a 300D... If it was black, I would have really been tempted... W124 MERCEDES 300D DIESEL AUTO,FULL AMG BODY KIT,AMG AERO ALLOYS, NO...
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    Review: 1970 Mercedes C111-II....Jay Leno

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    Mint W116 Mercedes 450SEL

    What a beauty.... 1980 MERCEDES 450 SEL AUTO GREEN | eBay
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    W126 560sel

    Sure does look nice and clean... Maybe been cleaned (detailed) abit too much judging by that engine bay which seems to have had copious amounts of WD40 sprayed on it... Only thing that would possibly grate me would be the solid navy paintwork.. A metallic navy blue would have been so much...
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    Full OEM exhaust for 190E 2.5-16

    Full OEM system wanted for a 1989 190E 2.5-16... Cash waiting Cheers Dee
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    Stock W201 190E 2.5-16 exhaust??

    Hi guys, Any recomendations where i can buy a standard complete exhaust system for my 2.5-16 cosworth at a reasonable price.. Deos not seem to be straight forward as i would have thought... went kwikFit and they quoted over a £1k fitted! I know MB are well over £1200 and thats...
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    W021 Carat specced 190E

    Mercedes 190E W201 CARAT by DUCHATELET ZENDER | eBay Looks like a nice old thing.... Could be a nice little daily for somone.... Nice paint (for red anyway) even though its not the original shade Says one previous owner Manual to help fuel consumption along! Not sure on it being a...
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    Desgino Orange W202

    If this was a C43, it would be on my drive..... 1999 MERCEDES C240 ELEGANCE AUTO IN RARE DESIGNO ORANGE - NO RESERVE | eBay
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