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  1. Barbanasos

    W210 abs/esp/bas/headlight fault

    +1 for the earthing fault. Probably rusted enough to break away. Had the same fault on a friend's e320cdi. Once I tried to sort, it snapped off. You can drill a new hole and fit a bolt on somewhere the metal is not that rusty.
  2. Barbanasos

    An exploding Mercedes

    Sth like that happened to my e240. The m112 sometimes if used for short journeys can clog the oil way at the back of the engine. Happened to mine and the oil flooded the left bank and forced it into cylinder one. There was so much cloud I lost all three lanes behind me. The result was cleaned...
  3. Barbanasos

    Engine noise

    Steering column gromet is torn. Cheap to replace and will sort the noise.
  4. Barbanasos

    Good bodyshop in Manchester/Lancashire

    Road and race restorations in walkden as well are good. Had my 55 resprayed there and did a top job! Dealer approved bodyshop.
  5. Barbanasos

    w124 exhaust query

    I have an e55 AMG back box fitted to my e240 which I am currently breaking. I have already modified with a Y the two into one pipe. Please PM me if interested.
  6. Barbanasos

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    On the way into Manchester this morning.
  7. Barbanasos

    Annoying tapping/clicking noise

    Not sure how loud the clicking you mention is but if you can hear it in the cabin, sometimes it could be normal. The steering gromet on the bulkhead could be torn allowing what is normal engine noise appear as a ticking when revs rise in the cabin. Maybe it could sth simple as that.
  8. Barbanasos

    W210 Ambient Lighting

    I have a spare set of plastic covers for the door handles from a w210 with ambilight. If anyone is interested please feel free to pm me.
  9. Barbanasos

    W210 Ambient Lighting

    Hi Andy, sorry for not being clear enough. Yes the lights on the doors are on the door handles (to open the door) and indeed the rear footwell lights are fitted at the bottom/back of the front seats.
  10. Barbanasos

    W210 Ambient Lighting

    Hi Andy, The lighting is on the mirror, door pulls, both front footwells (under dash) and at the rear seats at the bottom of the base. You could find a scrapped facelift w210 and remove them all with the cables. The hardest would be to sort the door pulls I think. Trust this helps.
  11. Barbanasos

    w210 e240 designo full AMG kit breaking for spares

    Hi, after over five years of ownership and many reliable miles it is with great sadness I have decided to break my e240 for spares. The car is in very good condition with no rust in any of the panels but my engine became weak after a blocked oil way that led to flooding the top of the engine...
  12. Barbanasos

    Some more w210 parts for sale & w124 wood

    Some more parts that I have accumulated over time and now surplus to requirements. They are currently advertised on ebay through my girlfriend's account (I couldn't list them all on mine); links below. I trust they are of use and any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for looking...
  13. Barbanasos

    W210 duo valve

    I ve got a used one available. Pm me if interested. Thanks
  14. Barbanasos

    Some W210 parts for sale

    Over time I have accumulated some w210 parts that are surplus to requirements. All currently on ebay with following links. I trust they are of use and any questions do not hesitate to contact me. 1. W210 Auto dimming interior rear view mirror with ambilight (The ambilight works on all w210...
  15. Barbanasos

    Rust bucket E55 rebuild - lovely

    Was it a great guy called Nick? If it was, I know that car very well as it is the same colour as mine. Used to meet up with nick quite a bit, he wanted to see my car after I got it fully resprayed too. I have a cool pic of the two cars side by side.
  16. Barbanasos

    Rust bucket E55 rebuild - lovely

    Smcambell did you buy that car near Leigh in Wigan by any chance?
  17. Barbanasos

    W210 E55 Amg steering wheel - black leather

    I have a steering wheel for sale for an e55 amg facelift model for sale. It is the all black in colour and in good condition with no major wear. It is only the steering wheel I am selling without an airbag. PM me if interested and I can email photos on request. I am asking for £150. Thanks for...
  18. Barbanasos

    Total Brake Failure Mercedes C220 BlueEffiency

    I would be very interested in this too. Unfortunately recently back in Greece a friends family were coming back from a trip with his uncle in a new e class. Strangely the car fell in a cliff side. My friend's mother seating in the middle at the back was killed in the accident while all others...
  19. Barbanasos

    w210 sat nav aerial!!!!!

    When I broke mine, foolishly when covering the car, I was lucky enough to get one from euromerc brand new and the same colour. Price was great and arrived quickly in the post.
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