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    Kitchen Tap problem

    Hey all, Got a weird problem, cold water only seems to come out of the water tap sometimes when I turn it, its like a bit of a lottery! Cold water comes out as normal in any other tap in the house, its just the kitchen one which is incidentally the tap closest to the supply pipe I believe...
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    How to fix a 8ft Acrylic Mirror?

    Hey all, Im trying to fix a 8ft x 4ft 3mm acrylic mirror across a flat wall (half brick half plasterboard) but having huge problems.. First the plasterer who plastered the garage tried silicone, it came off about 2 days later. I then tried No More Nails, which lasted about 4-5 days...
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    Primo Insurance

    Hi all, Got a good quote for this company today from policyexpert, tried to find any reviews about this company but couldnt really find anything. For home buildings and contents insurance. Anyone know if theyre any good, or they're part of bigger insurance companies? Thanks,
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    Upgrading to e250/Jag Xf

    Hey all, Thinking of upgrading from w211 e270cdi to either a year-old e250cdi or Jag XF 3.0. I took a e250 cdi sport for a test drive yesterday, and cant help but feel the interior is a bit cheap and not the luxury I would expect it to be. Most of the e-classes tend to be sport models aswell...
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    found 58plate w211 but no service history 32000 seems ok to drive .advice should i go for it ,or too risky and what price shoudbe reasonable. tia
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    w211 any good

    please help me buy 58plate 211 are they still any good .
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    B6 Passat tyres

    Hey all, Need tyres for my b6, 235/45/17R Had a look around and found the following: Wanli s1063 £65/corner Avon ZZ3 £90/corner BARUM BRAVURIS 2 £90/corner Anyone had the wanli, or should i stick with one of the other(more expensive) two? Cheers
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    error masage

    what is red battries symbol vist garage
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    Electric garage door not opening!

    Hey all, Ive got a electric garage door that goes up and over (chamberlain motor), about 10 yrs old and it stopped working today,cant open it, when i press the remote the motor just whirrs for a couple of seconds and no other movement is made. Doesnt seem to be a manual release mechanism...
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    W211 270 cdi not starting

    This afternoon at 2 I drove my car from home. It started ok. Soon after consumers electrical turned off message appeared on the cluster. Then the fan went into very slow speed, I could still feel some air coming from the ventilation. After driving for half an hour I stopped the car for...
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    W211 Wheel Alignment

    Hi all, Got some new tyres fitted and was wondering if theres any benefit to getting proper 4 wheel alignment done on this type of car? As I feel the steering wheel is very slightly off-centre to the right. Thanks
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    4 wheel alignment in glasgow

    4 wheel alingmet in glasgow
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    indi in glasgow

    need service c in glasgow any rec please
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    urgent please

    W211 270d My engine oil needed top up today, I just opened the bonnet and from the manual it said it was on the right hand side. I opened the cap and put oil in however just realised that only half a litre went in and filled to the top. I thought this was very strange and realised that this...
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    Got a couple of spare quid?

    Hey all, My daughter is finally running her first (and probably last :cool:) marathon with her husband. She's been wanting to do one all her life, but finally has the time to do it. The charity is : Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)GazaAppeal She's just set up the just giving page last...
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    buffet breakfast

    Hi I am going on a weekend break to Amsterdam and my hotel is providing a buffet breakfast. From past experiences on holiday I always end up having cereal and a cup of tea (just like at home!) but was looking for ideas on what I should be going for! What is the norm for buffet breakfasts; what...
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    Amsterdam Hotels

    Hey all, Thinking of beating the credit crunch and going to Amsterdam early May for a couple of days. Can anyone recommended a hotel? Cheers
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    W211 Sidelights!

    Hi all, Think its time to change my w211 04 sidelights from horrible yellowish to some nice bright white led ones to match the xenons! Ive searched about and there seems to be some conflicting opinions on which bulbs cause an 'blown bulb' error on dash, so would like some up-to-date...
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    Car not starting!

    Hey all, Car wasn't starting last week, so I had to charge it fully up with a batt charger. Tried starting this week, and its not even got enough juice to open the doors. I tried charging it with a batt charger, but the charger isnt charging the battery for some reason. Any ideas? Cheers
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    BT termination fee

    Hey all, I took over a take-away business in July and BT was the provider at the time. We contacted them and told that we were the new owners and wishes to continue with the 2 telephone lines. A month ago, I changed providers to XLN on reccomendation of a friend and now BT is sending me a...
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