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    W220 Heated/Dipping Driver Side Mirror

    All, When I bought my W220 it had a non-MB drivers wing mirror, non heated and non dipping. The spec on the car has a dipping heated mirror so I bought one 2nd hand of eBay. It looked fine and I fitted it. It worked ok for a day and then overnight it is like the oil inside has crazed. It...
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    W220 Phone Kit - Would this Work?

    All, I've a '51 S500L W220 without a phone kit. Any idea if this would work to get the wiring up into the centre console? Thanks... MERCEDES S CLASS W220 SET OF CAR PHONE ECUS 4 UNITS | eBay A
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    General Altimax UHPs on a W220

    Hi, I always had Generals on my 4x4s in the past but now I've a S-Class S500 I was wondering if anyone had tried Generals on an S-Class? Thanks,
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    Tele Atlas Navigation Disk

    Hi, I would like an updated Nav Disk for the 2001 S500. Anyone got anything that might be of interest? It needs to be a CD and not a DVD.... Thanks,
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    W220 - S500 Instument Panel Light Problem

    All, Just got my 2002 S500. Today as I was driving along, the instrument panel light went out. I checked the fuses and they were fine so I assumed the instrument illumination bulb? had gone... Then half way back, the light came back on again and stayed on all the way back. Any thoughts as...
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    Car Doctor - SMART Repair

    All, Anyone used this type of repair on their Merc? I've got some scratches and also a couple of bubbles that need touching in on my new 51 plate S500... SMART repair services from The Car Doctor Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Thanks... Alistair
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    New Member - Buying an S500L

    Hi all, Just put a deposit on a S500L and really looking forwards to getting it. It will be my first Merc since I had a 190 as a company car many years ago... I'm sure looking through some older posts, some of you are able to down load the datacard for Mercs? I don't really want to post the...
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