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    Red cars

    Does anyone know why red cars often develop a hazy finish? Mine has and a salesman at a Mercedes dealership told me that it was quite common - but didn't explain why. It is possible to overcome the problem with an appropriate combination of paint cleaners and polishes but, after an hour's...
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    Poly-V belt on 190E

    On two occasions whilst changing the poly-V belt on my 190E, I have managed to break the belt tensioner mechanism whilst tensioning the new belt. It consists of a cast component that fits on the back of the tensioner and a steel rod that runs up to the tensioner adjusting nut. It's the cast...
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    Removing plug leads?

    Can anyone suggest a straightforward way of removing very tight plug leads? Those on my 190E are buried in the cylinder head where they connect to the plug and seem to be impossible to remove simply by pulling the rubber covered shroud around the plug insulater. I have removed them by gripping...
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