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    General Altimax UHPs on a W220

    An update... I've had 4 General Altimax UHPs on the S500 and IMHO they are really nice. The handling is much better than the cheapos the previous owner had put on it. All the vibrations have gone, the road holding is much better as well. I'll see how well they last but so far, really happy. A
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    E500 replaced by Porsche Cayenne

    I've got an older 3.2 V6 Cayenne with most of the extras that were available at the time. We need something that can get us from A to B when it snows, can tow when we need it to and is comfortable to take to Switzerland skiing. We looked at a few M's but the right spec never came up... I'd...
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    W220 Phone Kit - Would this Work?

    Thanks guys... A
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    W220 Heated/Dipping Driver Side Mirror

    All, When I bought my W220 it had a non-MB drivers wing mirror, non heated and non dipping. The spec on the car has a dipping heated mirror so I bought one 2nd hand of eBay. It looked fine and I fitted it. It worked ok for a day and then overnight it is like the oil inside has crazed. It...
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    W220 Phone Kit - Would this Work?

    Thanks for the info, is there an easy way of checking? I can not see anything in the central console? A
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    W220 Phone Kit - Would this Work?

    All, I've a '51 S500L W220 without a phone kit. Any idea if this would work to get the wiring up into the centre console? Thanks... MERCEDES S CLASS W220 SET OF CAR PHONE ECUS 4 UNITS | eBay A
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    M2 idiot driver

    In my experience, this is 'normal' driving practice on the M25... :D A
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    now this looks special

    At least the local joy-riders wouldn't know how to get into the car :-) A
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    Current turnaround times for passport renewals?

    Only way to guarantee is to book an appointment and go into one of the office. From memory there's a within a day service and also another guaranteed service but can't remember which one. If you're traveling on business then I would guess your employer would pay for the 1 day service? Mine...
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    Servicing, Indy vs Dealer, when buying a used car

    My view is that less than 3 years I'd prefer to see a Main dealer, after that Indy is fine. I generally like to see a consistent use of garage, e.g. if the last 3 services are done by one Indy or Main then try and use them again. I bought a S500 with 170k on the clock and the first 2 services...
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    CLS 500 - owner not happy.

    I agree totally... I have an S500 and it is a great cruiser, has the power if you really need it, but it's done 180k miles and i would like it to do at least another 100k... :) A
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    W220 S500 fuel consumption

    I generally get between 30 and 31 on a 50 mile run some town, some A and some motorway... A
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    Anyone used "Chris Gray, Independant Mercedes Specialist" in Wendover?

    Just to update, great service from Chris and his team. Needless to say and I'm very happy with the car and will definitely use him again... A
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    Anyone used "Chris Gray, Independant Mercedes Specialist" in Wendover?

    An old thread I know but I was doing some research prior to getting my S500 serviced... I'm booked in with Chris on Thursday for a B service.
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    DIY aftermarket parking sensors kits

    Marty, Was it easy to fit? Did you need to completely remove the bumper? Thanks, Alistair
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    Help Required -having a wobble!

    Just bought an S500 with 168k on the clock and very happy.... Here's to seeing it through to 250k...
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    General Altimax UHPs on a W220

    Yep, they're the ones... As I said, I've had good experience with their 4x4 tyres just wondering if anyone had practical experience of the Altimax UHPs on an S Class.... Thanks....
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    General Altimax UHPs on a W220

    Hi, I always had Generals on my 4x4s in the past but now I've a S-Class S500 I was wondering if anyone had tried Generals on an S-Class? Thanks,
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    MB paint & Bodywork

    Thanks, I'll let you know....
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    MB paint & Bodywork

    Thanks Clive How long would you need the car for? Thanks, Alistair
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