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  1. AndyPCD

    Travel money

    Hey guys Im off to the states next week has anybody got some good recommendations of where to get travel money from. Dont mind if i have to go to the place to collect the money instead of getting it delivered if i get a better rate. Thanks in advance Andy
  2. AndyPCD

    Parrot CK3100 lcd

    For sale new and sealed in the box parrot ck3100 lcd Here is a link to the page where you can see all the info on it. Parrot - Hands free systems Looking for £90 plus p+p for it.
  3. AndyPCD

    Jerry works his magic

    Had a customers E63 in for some work over the past couple of weeks. While it was in i sent the ecu and tcu over the jerry@eurocharged Ran the car on the dyno this morning and as always impressed with the figures gained Took the car home the other night after refitting the tcu and new...
  4. AndyPCD

    New style wheels.

    Totally loving these wheels. These are shown on a ferrari but are available for mercedes as well :thumb:
  5. AndyPCD

    C63 rear boxes

    Hi guys. Anyone got any c63 rear boxes they dont want that i could buy. Got a car we are thinking of trying something with it. :cool:
  6. AndyPCD

    CLA 45amg at brands hatch

    Was at brands hatch today watching the dtm. Mercedes had the new cla45 on their stand Looks very nice but is quite expensive
  7. AndyPCD

    SL roof specialist

    Hi Guys Does anyone know of a 129SL roof specialist in the london/middlesex/herts area. Ive got a 1989/90 sl and the roof does not work and am banging my head against the wall with what is wrong with it:wallbash: Many thanks
  8. AndyPCD

    129 SL roof not working

    Hi guys Got an 129 SL and the roof does not work. When you press the switch either way it just flashes red, the windows do not lower and the roof does not release. Also the roll over bar does not work which ever way you press it, the bar is down so dont think it has deployed. I have...
  9. AndyPCD

    CL 600 starting problems

    Hi Ive got a CL600 with a really weird starting issue when you crank it over the car starts on the button but you can hear the starter staying ingaged. But when you turn the car of you can still hear the starter turning over and when i looked at the front of the engine you can still see the...
  10. AndyPCD

    Intermitant non start

    Hi Guys Got a real pain of a job here. Got an 163 ml 320 with an intermitant non start and when i say intermitant i mean maybe once every 2 months. What happens if you go to start it it will crank fire up and cut out and you get start error on the dash. I have read the fault codes and i get...
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