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    Ian Walker has an obsession

    I always thought Ian was a bit obsessive about Mercs and I now know there are other obsessions working away in his head! During his time down here he has brought to my notice that there are lots of topless girls on the beach and even more walking around bra-less. I hadn't ever noticed these...
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    Ian Walker nicked!

    Ian arrived safely after many hours in traffic jams. He got nicked 8 klms from here for failing to stop at a Stop sign...€90! More to follow...........
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    Name change for Kikkthecat

    Kikkthecat has just spent a few days down here annoying me which has led to his name change, from now on he will be known as Raythetw*t. Fortunately I just waved goodbye to him and don't expect to see him again for at least a year or even more if I am lucky!
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    124 AC problem

    In January I had to drive my 124TD to the UK to pick up a load of things. When I was there Ian Walker arranged to have my AC topped up. My AC has always worked but only just. The guy Ian booked me with, Stuart McHugh, did a first class job, explaining what he was doing and interpreting the...
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    Some of you will remember the saga of the engine change to my 250TD, since then it hasn't missed a beat.....until tonight!! Started up and drove off on dipped heads, as I was changing up into third there was a ding kind of noise, a bit like a solenoid, and the lights brightened! I hadn't...
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    Photo printer

    Hi Guys, Need some advice. I need a new printer with a budget of say £250ish. Apparently the Canon models come with lots of colour cartridges that one can fill quite cheaply. Some of them will print from 35mm film and transparencies which would be very useful. Does anyone know anything about...
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    Mini GTG with Kikkthecat

    Kikkthecat, complete with charming wife and pristine 124 convertible arrived here safely and in good form. He is enjoying the Languedoc and no doubt we will be seeing him down here again. This afternoon we visited my favourite wine producer and he liked the quality and the price. Driving...
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    Hello again!

    Hi Folks, How are you all?
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    Ian B Walker

    For those interested Ian and Bev are having a good time down here in the Languedoc and he is driving a SILVER Citroen C2. The colour was by choice I believe. Thanks to all who sent the kind messages to me, there is always a glass waiting for you here. Bob
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    Our friend Samuelellis

    As I was the one who implied Sam may have a cranium deformity I think I should explain myself. First I should mention that I sent a PM to Sam apologising just in case he is for real. I was always under the impression that he was winding us up, a fun thing, at one point I thought it might be Mr...
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    IT guys please help

    I am looking for a 128mb module of RD Ram, or a matched pair of 256s. Up to now the price I have for the single 128 module is 30% of a new computer. Help guys! Bob
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    New branch of PAP

    Lotusmark2, What do you and other members of PAP think about opening a branch down here in the sun? Bob
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    New SLK ad on French TV

    Just seen an ad for the new SLK on French TV, haven't noticed it on UK TV though. Anyone seen it? Bob
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    Back on the road!

    Are you sitting comfortably? This is going to be a long one! Waaaaaaaaaaay back in September some of you may remember that I posted about laying down a smoke screen. Turned out to be the head gasket. Not rocket science I thought, not very busy at that time so do it myself even if it takes a...
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    Sunny days are here again la la la

    Just checked the temperature on our terrace....19c! suffer suffer! Bob
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    Speeding drivers post closure

    Frankly Brian I think you were wrong to abitrarily close the post. It was annoying you? So? Do you have more rights on this forum than the rest of us? Surely as moderator you should need more reasons for action than your being irritated. You just sit there and decide what is good and not good...
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    Speeding Brits

    Lots of people are disappointed that France is beginning to enforce speed limits. Living here I am very happy about this. Seeing someone doing 60mph through my village does not make me happy, when it is a tourist then that is even more annoying. My kids are out there so I have a right to be...
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    Sudden death!

    You will all be very sad to hear that my engine died last week. It was a sudden death and was unexpected. The post mortem will take place after Xmas but food poisoning looks to be the likely cause, it ate its own tappet buckets! If anyone has a 250D (602) engine to fit a W124 in a corner of...
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    Haven't figured out the significance but all the animals are lining up in twos down here! Bob
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    As the sky was leaking here today I wondered how many of you use Rainex or even know about it. One of my favourite products and one of the cheapest. Bob
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