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  1. Chattonmill

    Just thought I would show you my effort at going Green

    I have had this for around 6 months now, I urge everyone to go green if they can!
  2. Chattonmill

    CLS Grand Edition

    Just considering changing the E55 for a CLS Grand edition, I have come across one with pretty much all the toys including Airmatic for £35990 on a 60 plate with 6000 miles on. A dealer demonstrator. Palladium Silver with Black leather, almost perfect. Soooo can anyone find one cheaper with...
  3. Chattonmill

    Switchable ECU?

    I have been pondering the possibility of having a switchble ecu in the E55. Rather that having to upload a new map every time you want to change the performance/economy is there a solution that you can swithc over at the press of a button or flick of a switch?
  4. Chattonmill

    Rear blowout

    Travelling at speed down the A1 on Sat My right rear tyre decides that it is time to self destruct, 3 passengers and myself in the car. The only thing I noticed was a slight vibration that I put down to the road surface, then decided that it perhaps wasn't, so pulled onto the hard shoulder...
  5. Chattonmill

    What next?

    Having had a year and a half of fabulous motoring I am thinking of replacing the E55. Herein lies the problem. What next? I am going to be doing more mileage, not a lot, but still would like slightly better fuel economy, I am not that keen on anything too mainstream so anything quirky goes. The...
  6. Chattonmill

    Is it just me?

    No mention anywhere of the snow, is it just Northumberland that has it. I have just managed to catapult the E55 out of the drive rather than clearing the snow, a bit like a high powered snow plough. So is the rest of the country still a green and pleasant land:dk:
  7. Chattonmill

    Mail Merge help please!

    Our office PC's have been updated and now we have office 2007, the problem I am having is that we have a mail merge document that auto fills recipients on opening. The document just cant seem to find the data source unles I choose 'remove all data' and the go through the merge manually. Does...
  8. Chattonmill

    Laptop Recommendation

    I am looking to work away from my office on a regular basis and so will need a laptop that can link into the office server remotely. I know very little about laptops, so could do with some advice. Ideally I would like it to be fast, have 500gb(Although could be persuaded by Less if solid state)...
  9. Chattonmill

    Rashman, I think I met your evil twin.....

    The ying to your yang.....
  10. Chattonmill

    Autoquake, any views?

    I need to replace my mothers car as hers has now become beyond economic repair. I have spotted a car with Autoquake and was just wondering if any PH'ers have had dealings with them, or know of their reputation? The car is in Leeds and they will deliver for a reasonable price. Am I asking for...
  11. Chattonmill

    A Tip for Cricketers

    Do not under any circumstances whilst batting, smite a wayward ball from the bowler straight into you pride and joy:doh::o
  12. Chattonmill

    Viseeo poor sound quality.

    I have been informed that the quality of the sound on my hands free is not good. It sounds fine in the car, but the person at the end of the phone says it is difficult to hear. Any Thoughts? Thanks Max
  13. Chattonmill

    I just won a £1000 kitchen voucher!!

    Had a call this morning asking if I was the home owner and under 70, would I like a new kitchen, if so I would be put into a draw for one of 10 vouchers...... to which I said no thanks. Call about an hour later and surprise surprise I have been sucessful:rolleyes: Just who do they think they are...
  14. Chattonmill

    Now I have a garage or two I will just have to fill them!

    Well not yet, but looking at a house that has a nice garage. May be putting an offer in later. Sooo, what would you put in here! Oh and if the gardener thinks he can keep his mowers in there he is much mistaken!
  15. Chattonmill

    Well that was great day for a meeting in Rothbury!

    Just been down to meet the agents selling our farm.....just outside Rothbury:doh: Police everywhere no surprise, had to use the back roads to get back home as did the rest of Northumberland. Seems they may be getting closer to him.
  16. Chattonmill

    Hmmm What to do?

    In the near future I may be coming into some money, thoughts turn to a garage reshuffle...... I am thinking of changing the E55 for an E320cdi as a daily runabout, leaving the OH's Golf in France and getting her a Fiat 500 Abarth and then buying myself a weekend car. Now the choice runs to...
  17. Chattonmill

    Connectng PC to LCD TV

    Just wondering what I would need to do this. We have a room set up for the youngster with an xbox connected to a Cheapish LCD TV. Looking on the web it would seem that this is not as straight forward as just getting a cable. The TV Has Scart inputs and rca inputs, not sure what else, but no VGA...
  18. Chattonmill

    So that's what the compressor is for!!!

    In a bit of a hurry yesterday I managed to clip a large stone on the apex of a bend:wallbash: The front felt heavy so I pulled over....yep punctured tyre. I pulled out the funny looking space saver only to realise that it is kind of folded flat to save even more space, saw on the side of it...
  19. Chattonmill

    Refurbed 1957 Land Rover

    I had a thread on here showing the refurb of My Landy, but it seems to have gone now. Anyway here is the finished article!
  20. Chattonmill

    Bullet Cameras

    I have two Bullet cameras, complete with Microphones that I no longer need as I have upgraded One is a 4Kam Camera with their hi gain Microphone. The other is an unbranded one with a Sony lens and a 4Kam normal Micro phone. £60 for the pair. I will include a battery pack for them as well...
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