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    Access to engine mount on drivers side on a 2003 i6 e320 cdi w211

    I did this a few years back, with the other engine mount and the gearbox mount. Did not remove anything from the top. Used a 16mm (I think) ratcheting spanner for the nut on the top of the mount. The mount can be manoeuvred out from the bottom with only the undertray removed but I can't remember...
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    E320 engine cover

    If OM648 they are T30. 9 of them. No tools needed to pull the cover on OM642.
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    W211 front suspension noise. Please help to identify

    Very hard to say for sure as some time ago, but when I got my w211 I had a lot of clicking/light knocking noises. Having gone through a similar exercise I changed too mounts and dampers. Silence and car drove much better. However, don’t bother with febi top mounts. Garbage. One was knocking...
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    W211 320 CDI help me i have problem..

    I believe the noise to be caused by a manufacturing tolerance issue, as per post 6. I have changed the full set of injectors on mine and the noise remained. It still makes the same noise as when I bought it.
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    W211 320 CDI help me i have problem..

    Not sure if allowed to link to the other side but: link My E320cdi from 2003 has had the same noise throughout my ownership and is is now up to 230k miles+ with no internal engine work. It has needed a couple of thermostats, injectors around 200k and preventative water pump, belt pulleys and...
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    19" Wheel balancing issues Glasgow

    I have fairly recently bought a W218 350cdi and I too have problems with vibrations. Tried to get the wheels balanced with limited success. It did flag up 3 out of 4 are buckled to some extent on the inner rim. This is actually a replacement set as the originals had one with a buckled outer rim...
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    W220 2005 CDI Water leak

    No, but I know access looks difficult due to the inlet manifold. Luckily when mine leaked in that area it was just the hose. Good luck!
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    W220 2005 CDI Water leak

    Are you sure its the cooler itself and not the gasket? I've never read of the cooler itself failing. Item 41 on here: part diagram.
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    W220 2005 CDI Water leak

    If it is not the egr cooler, there is a hose that goes from the oil cooler to the side of the block under the inlet manifold. This failed on my E320cdi with the same OM648 engine. I think managed to change from the top, but seem to remember having to remove one of the resonators either on the...
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    OM642 CLS 350 Turbo oil seal?

    Thanks both, have taken the bat wing off, cleaned everything up and may have found the culprit - looks like turbo seal at the bottom was not seated correctly. I’ve put it all back together, seating pcv seal correctly too and I’ll check up on it after a hundred miles or so. Based on current use...
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    OM642 CLS 350 Turbo oil seal?

    Some very good info in this thread. I bought a 2011 cls 350cdi fairly recently and changed turbo, pcv and the two air intake seals. Looked after a couple of hundred miles and there still seems to be a bit of residue in the area. Suspect green o-ring but before I do that could someone confirm the...
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    Wanted - CLS C218 19"Front Alloy Wheel A2184011602

    I'm after a wheel in this style, part number above. Must be straight, round and true, with no cracks or weld repairs wheel in this style. Part number in title: Thanks.
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    Pricing advice needed E350

    I've sent you a PM, let me know if it hasn't arrived. Richard
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    Pricing advice needed E350

    Potentially interested in this with intent to collect this weekend. Will send you a PM this evening when home from work. PS what is shown in the 6th picture - there is no context so difficult to tell
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    GGRRRRRRR... INjector copper washer stuck

    OM648 ocassional ‘misfire’at idle Pretty certain no coding for early OM646/647/648 engine injectors
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    OM648 ocassional ‘misfire’at idle

    After much inconclusive reading I took a punt on a cheap Delphi DS 150E clone. It does quite a lot but again all injector correction quantities are reported as 0! The Interface hardware can also be used with Wurth Wow diagnostic software so I tried that too. Unfortunately the result was...
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    OM648 ocassional ‘misfire’at idle

    The car is up to 215k miles now and it feels as though another injector is starting to go. No fault codes showing using my icarsoft MBII that I updated a couple of days ago. The MBII still doesn't show injector correction values. Does anyone know of an affordable code reader that does? Does...
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    Name this bolt?

    Pretty sure its Bolt A0009902403 Washer x2 A1249903740 Nut A0019908454 Really should n't drive with these missing! The bolt is M14x1.5 pitch, 45mm long, i.e. fine thread. Don't know what grade this bolt is but I have seen 10.9 marked on the head of other merc bolts if you need something...
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    OEM Blower Motor = Hella Behr?

    I used A Nissens one on my W211, replaced for the same reasons. Approx 10k in and no issues. It was around £65 and felt and looked exactly the same as what came off. There were balance weights on the fan itself which is a good sign. It takes about 30mins to change on the w211. Not sure on the...
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    S211 knocking when braking and going over bumps

    TRW have been bought by ZF who also own Lemforder. I though the same as you when I ordered arms for my car having had a good experience previously on an E39 BMW. For the W211 the TRW arms (made in Italy) I bought from GSF felt lower quality than the OE stuff that came off when they had done...
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