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  1. cinek

    Toshiba e-studio 281c

    I have just finished upgrading my current PC with 'all-in-one'type things. Managed to transfer all the hardware but one of the printers. Previously it was connected to Windows 7 via USB cable, and it was doing everything like it should. After connecting it to Windows 10 machine, drivers...
  2. cinek

    New speeding fines

    Not sure if this was already mentioned, but it is certainly worth knowing http://
  3. cinek

    New tax rate from 1st of April

    Not sure if this has been posted already, so... http:// This bit in...
  4. cinek

    disabled iPhone

    Hi there, Considering variety of knowledge on this forum, I was hoping that someone might know the way... Yesterday on the way back from holidays my phone got locked. When tried to input the password, it wouldnt recognise it. The phone was used earlier in the morning and the password was...
  5. cinek

    Psn and Microsoft

    Both networks have been patchy in the last week and both were successfully taken down for over 24h now, worldwide. Some hackers have already admitted it was, and still is their doing. Few unhappy customers not being able to use their services, in the time we all like to chill out and put our...
  6. cinek

    front brakes

    Gents, What would be the normal cost of replacing front disks and pads on 2013 W204? Just got quoted £408, which after having a moan at them they took down to £358. Still seems a bit excessive for font only, doesnt it?
  7. cinek

    What annoyed me today - WAMT

    I thought of a suggestion a while ago, just didnt get to post it before. Something we had on another forum, I used to go to. There was a specific thread about anything and everything that got our backs on. Whether it was lack of courtesy on the road, shop clerk or letter from a HMRC... Everyone...
  8. cinek

    Madness in the fast lane

    I have been following this story pretty much since when it happened. It took some years to see more unfolding, with many unanswered questions to this day. Apologies for the long watch (48min), but this is a story Stephen Kind would normally come up with, only this time, it actually happened...
  9. cinek

    Man vs woman...

    ...showering [YOUTUBE HD]z8xFzoccQWc[/YOUTUBE HD] :D:D
  10. cinek

    For apple fans

    New Iphone 6 and 6 plus have been officialy unveiled. There is rumour for new Ipad Air to follow suit. Also, new Apple TV might be on the books, with Apple shifting current stock at heavily discounted prices. Apple officially announces the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch display -...
  11. cinek

    Unwanted hiker

    Few days ago I noticed that some spider decided to plot his web on my dashboard. Not a biggy, went for the cloth to get this cleaned only to realise, it happened behind the glass on the main dial. I must say, I have always thought these are fairly sealed units and have never experienced such...
  12. cinek

    Fuel price

    Didnt think I will ever see the price going under £1.30 Apparently huge reserves are the main reason behind all time low price. I wonder how long before prices shoot up again :rolleyes:
  13. cinek

    4k TVs

    I recall a thread on here regarding these televisions, but couldnt find it :( Anyway, I have been looking at these for some time now, thinking should I, should I not... Well, yesterday I did. I was looking at two Samsungs; 8500 vs 8200 and a Panasonic TX-58AX802. After discussing all the...
  14. cinek

    Got some spare cash

    Thinking about buying small, holiday flat somehere warm and this caught my eye Take a look inside the £240M Monaco penthouse - Travel - Stylist Magazine
  15. cinek

    Driving licence changes

    As of January next year, DVLA will no longer be issuing counterparts with our licences. They will issue photocard only, and as of January 1st 2015 counterpart may be destroyed if you wish. More info here
  16. cinek

    S500 plug in

    Apologies if this has already been discussed. New S500 Hybrid comes to UK in November, which is two months later than the rest of Europe. Personally, I find concepts like this absolutely amazing, where you combine top shelve luxury, with lots of power and top it up with fuel economy of a small...
  17. cinek

    what a moron

    Chihuahua 'Swinging' Charge Admitted By Teenager After Viral Video Appeal Wouldn't mind setting my dog on that useless meat bag...
  18. cinek

    Life saver

    You can thank me later...:) [YOUTUBE HD]ezVib_giTFo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  19. cinek

    Leather interior

    Is there any treatment available for leather interior (when new), to prolong its life and make cleaning a bit easier? I am interested in a product or in fact a service somebody maybe have had applied to their car. Many thanks in advance
  20. cinek

    Street art

    Love this sort of the thing (of course, when it is done responsibly) [YOUTUBE HD]Pv-Do30-P8A[/YOUTUBE HD]
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