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    Grey W124 1996 facelift RHD coupe mats for sale

    Used in reasonably good condition. Full set. Rarely for sale. MERCEDES OE W124 E-CLASS COUPE RHD FLOOR MAT SET, GREY | eBay
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    WANTED - Heated electric driver's mirror for 1996 w124 coupe

    I desperately need one of these, including glass, for my 1996 UK car - mine was smashed off while the car was parked. I have the painted mirror cover and the inch wide centre trim that goes round the circumference of the mirror so don't necessarily need those bits. Mine has the wiring passing...
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    Loud whirring noise - rear wheel bearings?

    My 54K miles 1996 E220 coupe has developed a whirring noise that is speed sensitive - the faster the car goes the louder it gets. When I put the car into neutral while driving the noise does not stop, so I'm assuming it is not transmission related. Possibly rear wheel bearings? It does not...
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    Any good bodywork places in South East to paint and fit W124 front wing?

    Can anyone recommend a bodyshop in the South East (preferably Surrey) to paint and fit a new front wing for my 1996 W124 coupe? Cheers. Jude
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    Owner's manual/handbook for 1996 w124 e220 coupe

    Hi all. After a few years away from Mercs I've just bought a nice Jan 1996 W124 E220 coupe (only 52K!) It came without a manual/handbook - how can owners lose these? The car is quite highly specced - electric seats (driver with memory settings), infra-red central locking plus everything else...
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    Merc Tech Autos Ltd, Surrey - EXCELLENT

    I have been using Merc Tech for years to service my previous Mercs (1996 W210 estate and 1994 W124 coupe) and my current Mercs (2003 W211 estate and 1988 W124 coupe). The proprietor Ray Whyman is Merc trained and has most diagnostic tools. He is the nicest and most painfully honest and helpful...
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    Merc Only in Hanwell, W7 - DON'T USE THEM

    Hi all. I thought I would let you know about my experience of using 'Merc Only' in Hanwell for some work on my W124 230CE soon after I got it. Unfortunately the brilliant guy I normally use (see separate thread from me today) was busy so I tried this outfit despite the travel involved, as...
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    Manual offside mirror for my 88 W124 230CE

    Hi all. Some cormorant clipped my mirror (the missus parks her W203 estate on the front hardstanding) and the glass is flapping around in the housing - it's attached at the left side but seems to have popped off the central ball joint. Does anyone have one of these (must be for the coupe) or...
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    W124 coupe ignition barrel/steering lock

    The steering lock on my 1988 W124 230CE is locked on and I cannot turn the ignition key to position 1 (and obviously any other position). The failure happened today when my wife was using the car so I don't have a reliable chain of events (sorry dearest). It had been getting a bit difficult to...
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    Oil consumption on my 1988 230CE

    Hi all Recently had my car serviced (it's done 78K) and the mechanic reported evidence of oil burning on cylinder 4. The car has gone from max to min on the dipstick in about 600 miles (2 litres according to the manual). The head gasket was changed and the car is not leaking oil. I am thinking...
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    Handbook for my 1988 W124 230CE

    Sorry if this is the wrong location to post this - would general discussion be more appropriate? Anyhow, I tried to buy a handbook for my car from my local Merc dealer in Croydon, having bought the car without any documentation. I was told that a specific handbook for my coupe was not...
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