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    Anybody have access to CAP or Glasses car price guides?

    Hi All, Just wondered if anybody here has access to obtain car valuations from CAP or Glasses? I'm in dispute with my insurance company over the valuation of my other (non-Merc) car which has been written off. They are claiming their offer is in line CAP and GLASSES, but have so far not...
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    Load cover / dog guard for S210

    Retractable load cover dog guard removed from my S210 1999 E class. Colour is pale grey. Perfect working order. A little dirty on the box unit, but the load cover is quite clean. Photos here: Looking for £25 plus postage, or free collection...
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    S210 parts

    I have the following parts for sale, which I removed from my S210 before it went to the garage in the sky. Can supply photos or more details if needed. Willing to post. Audio 10 radio cassette Audio 10 6 disc cd changer Cushions for 7 seat conversion Luggage cover / dog guard Four carpet...
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    Anybody in France now or soon

    We had a disaster in France recently when our car caught fire and burned out, causing serious damage to the folding camper that we were towing. Unfortunately, our camper is now stranded in France with 3 bicycles. Is anybody able to offer any assistance in repatriation of either bicycles or...
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    S210 Horn location

    My car must have at least two horns. I have found one in front of the radiator, but there must be another somewhere that I can't see. I've looked all around the engine bay, but still can't spot it. Anybody got any ideas?
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    Tow bar design calculations

    I want to make a tow bar and need some help with calculations to make sure I choose suitable steel profiles. The tow bar won't be for towing, but only for attaching a bicycle carrier. The current idea is as follows: 1) two pieces of channel pointing front to rear. These will have the...
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    Four Mercedes E Class wheels (211 / 210) VGC with 2 good tyres

    Four original Mercedes wheels (16") for an E-Class. Originally for a 211, but definitely fit a 210. Will probably fit other models as well. All wheels in very good condition with hardly any blemishes. Only a couple of minor scratches. You will find it difficult to find a set of original...
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    S210 1999 2.8 elegance Spares or repair

    Prefer to sell as a whole, but may split if no takers. Full details here:
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    S210 1999 2.8 elegance Spares or repair

    My S210 1999 2.8 elegance is looking for a new home. Was in regular use and running very well until recently, when a crash impacted on the OSF corner. It is now off the road and available for spares or repair. My garage tells me that the steering rack and front antiroll bar are bent (plus...
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    S210: how to drain petrol tank?

    What options have I for draining petrol from the fuel tank? Could I put a pipe down the filler neck and pump / syphon it out, or is there something in the filler to prevent this?
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    retrofit reading lights

    Has anybody seen any nice LED reading lights that can be retrofitted to cars that lack them? Thinking about something that might attach to the ceiling (magnetic?) or headrests.
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    S210 Front Wing (NSF), bumper and headlight

    Following an incident this afternoon with my 1999 facelifted S210, I may be in need of some bodywork: 1) a NSF wing. Are facelifted wings the same as pre-facelift? Are saloon wings the same as estate? 2) Are front bumpers common across the range, or different on the facelifted models? 3)...
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    S210 Bump this afternoon - ouch

    Text message this afternoon from SWMBO: "On the drive outside the house, wet foot slipped off brake, car crashed into house.........." Upon my return home, I found that the NSF corner had hit the corner of the porch, whilst the wheels were on a righthand lock. The wing is badly scraped...
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    S210 unobtainable paint code for inset trim

    The inset trim panels in my S210 doors and bumpers are a different colour to the rest of the body panels. The bodywork is metallic dark red, 567U - titanite red, by name, I believe. However, the dealer cannot give me a paint code for the inset trim, which is darker and seems to be not...
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    blending lacquer from aerosol

    I've been tidying my rusty wheel arches on the old s210 recently. I'm reasonably happy with my work so far. I've rubbed down, filled and sprayed from an aerosol. Now ready for lacquer. On a small test area I couldn't get a good blend into the rest of the wing. In the region of the blending...
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    S210 front springs

    I just discovered that a small piece of one of my front springs has broken off. It is at the bottom of the spring and is about one quarter of one coil. Whilst I'm deciding whether to bother replacing it, I wonder if anybody has a matching pair of suitable springs lying around? Let me...
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    S210 2.8 - what is this for?

    There is a little plastic cap next to my engine with the words for MB workshop only. I always imagined it to be an electrical plug for some kind of diagnostic equipment, and have thus ignored it for over 5 years. However, curiosity got the better of me at the weekend, and I removed the...
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    S210 Residual heat

    The other day in the freezing fog I stopped to go in a shop. I had already driven 15 miles and everything was nicely up to normal temperature (80C on the temp guage). So I decided to switch on the residual heat system to keep it toasty while in the shop. When I pressed the button, it...
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    S210 spheres?

    My S210 has made a thump from the rear end for a few months. It appeared to be after going over bumps, as if it was when the suspension was rebounding. Within the last week, it now appears to be a very hard ride and there is little to no travel in the rear suspension. But the ride height...
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    S210 corroded brake pipes: mot failure

    My s210 failed the mot today due to corroded brake pipes. Although I didn't spot this before hand, I'm not unduly surprised on a car of this age (1999). Anyway, funny thing is that they told my missus that they couldn't give an estimate for the work. The failure note said: 001 offside...
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