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  1. kusanku

    Approved used warranty - what is not covered?

    I bought my e class convertible six months ago from a main dealer as an approved used car with warranty. So far it has needed to go back to the workshop three times, which is a little worrying. The first two times the problem was fixed under the warranty without any problem, so reasonably happy...
  2. kusanku

    SK Automotive Swansea

    After a few years of not owning a Merc myself, I am about to buy a 2011 E-class convertible. I live in Swansea, where SK Automotive seem to be only Merc specialist, and wondered if this would be a good garage to take this car rather than a hugely expensive main dealer. Generally SK Automotive...
  3. kusanku

    WDM Cars - Perry Barr Birmingham

    I used these chaps for several years when I lived in Birmingham, and bought two cars from them. I found them to be really helpful, and TBH more trustworthy than any garage I have used since.
  4. kusanku

    upgrading A-class stereo

    My wife has a 2010 Mercedes A-class on which the stereo is giving up: the CD player has stopped working, and Bluetooth does not appear to have worked for some time. Rather than getting this fixed, as the stereo is quite old and basic, I would rather upgrade it. Does anybody know what the options...
  5. kusanku

    Mercedes Enthusiast magazine

    I have a collection of Mercedes Enthisiast magazines, probably the first fifty all in virtually as-new condition. I tried to sell them a few years ago, but the buyer never paid so they have been sitting around ever since. I need to get rid of them, so I wondered if anyone might be interested in...
  6. kusanku

    A class and speed bumps

    My wife has an A180cdi avant garde, nearly two years old. No real problems with it (other than a persistent rattle from the dash), but I have noticed that whenever there are passengers in the car it seems to scrape the bottom when it goes over speed bumps. Some of these are really quite small...
  7. kusanku

    CLK 320 CDi. Iolite Blue

    That explains it then.
  8. kusanku

    CLK 320 CDi. Iolite Blue

    My CLK is also Iolite Blue Elegance with Orient beige interior. Definitely not a special order, and quite a few of them about. Interestingly I don't come across this colour in many of the other models though. Most people do a double take when I describe my car as blue, because it looks grey in...
  9. kusanku

    1989 Mercedes W124 300CE LPG (unusual interior colour)

    Methinks the photographer needs to read up on white balance
  10. kusanku

    Is wheel wax worth it?

    What are people's experiences of using something marketed as a "wheel wax"? Is this different from any other kind of wax/sealant? I've had a bottle of Mer Wheel Wax for a while (don't know how or why as I never usually buy Mer products), which does not seem particularly impressive or durable...
  11. kusanku

    Leather Interior

    Modern leather does not smell. The characteristic leather aroma comes from the products used in the tanning process, and the modern way of doing it do not leave a smell. So it's less of a case of getting the smell back, but rather putting one in artificially, assuming you like the smell which...
  12. kusanku

    Senna The Movie

    I know this is an old thread, but thought I would add to it because I saw the film on DVD last night, and would heartily recommend it. I am not a follower of motor racing and was not expecting to find it that interesting, but I was completely wrong. It is worth seeing just for the insight you...
  13. kusanku

    Is it wrong to like a Smart?

    I had the misfortune to get extensive use of a SMART as a courtesy car on the many occasions when my 211 needed to visit the garage. Must admit, I thought it was great at first. It was bright orange, and attracted more attention than any other car I have driven. The gear changes were so bad they...
  14. kusanku

    MB service history - no more books to stamp?

    We picked up my wife's A-class yesterday, purchased from MB Weston-Super-Mare. Being used to buying older vehicles, where you expect to check everything with a fine-tooth comb, I was applying the same strategy to the documentation here. Everything was in order, but a got a bit of a surprise when...
  15. kusanku


    Thanks chaps. I think I have the answer to my original question about using a glaze, which is give it a try and see if it makes a difference. Just to add another element to the discussion about buying larger quantities of product, do they not degrade/separate if kept for too long? In the past...
  16. kusanku


    I agree that higher cost does not necessarily equal better product. Just look at some of the super expensive stuff that Zymol do: there is no way those products produce an effect to justify their price tags.
  17. kusanku

    What engine do you have? :)

    1. bpsorrel: V6 320 CDI 2. Sweetpea: V6 320 CDi 3. Harythedog: IL6 320 CDI 4. Colin b: 320cdi & 350 petrol 5. Family Pack: V6 350 CDI 6. Alexis.jones: V6 320 CDI (re-maped) 7. 10EDD: 250CDI & 6.2 V8 8. Markedes 2x 270cdi C and ML 9. markjay M271 1.8L 4-cyl 10. Igurisu M271 1.8L 4-cyl 11...
  18. kusanku

    Looking for advice on purchase

    I've not heard anything about the Blue Efficiency engine problems recently, but I recall there were two complaints: 1) Injector problems which have probably been sorted by now 2) Reports of really poor fuel economy, considerably worse than the non-blue-efficiency models they replaced. This would...
  19. kusanku

    M-B Insurance worth it?

    I got a quote from them this week. Two problems that I could see. 1) The quote was not even remotely competitive. The sales girl adopted a bizarre strategy of going on about what nice people they were as though that would persuade me to ignore how expensive the premium was. 2) It is...
  20. kusanku

    Red Mist - when was your last time ?

    Mine was on Saturday. Driving through south Bristol, traffic completely jammed because of an accident. Police diverting people down a side road, which caused a slow-moving queue whilst waiting to pull out of the junction at the end onto a main road. When I reached the junction, I was waiting for...
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