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  1. BIG UN

    Would anyone be interested in a mini Benz On The Green gtg after this is over?

    I'll be there if its on & Olly's finished my van 🤪🤪🤪🤪
  2. BIG UN

    Mercedes Vito 122 Brabus front bumper grilles

    Tbh it will take a lot of searching the Auction sites & breakers to find one, from what I know as they are very sought after by most owners of facelift 639's
  3. BIG UN

    Viano 2011 Steering problems - can anyone help??

    Has the pump & rack cured the issue you had?? I would have started with the tyres as all V class suffer badly from Camber issues & are aweful to drive when out.
  4. BIG UN

    Mat for cargo area of compact Vito W639

    There are plenty of places around that do carpets, some will do bespoke carpets but the Sport X versions might be able to be bought direct from Mercedes..
  5. BIG UN

    Would anyone be interested in a mini Benz On The Green gtg after this is over?

    Looks like I'm in.. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. BIG UN

    Viano alarm problem 56 plate

    Sounds like the module is no longer working! The siren is also the control module for the alarm, there are no fuses inlinethe only one is in the fusebox but it connects to the OHCP for the sensors! if you have checked all connections & still nothing could always get it checked with Star to...
  7. BIG UN

    Vito Sliding Door Won't Open From Outside

    There are enough Vito's being broken now to be able to get parts at a decent price
  8. BIG UN

    w639 seat conversion (again)

    Ive got swivel bases in my van but im lucky enough to have genuine bases in it. Absolutely love them, just taken 2 of my captains seats out of the back, to leave me the 2 captains seats in the front & 2 captains in the rear which is ideal for me.
  9. BIG UN

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Loads of new parts ordered, including new hand brake cables & fixings, anti roll bar bushes front & back, drop links etc etc i guess I can't leave it alone..
  10. BIG UN

    W447 Vito XLWB retrofitting parcel shelf

    Imho anything can be retro fitted if you really want it. If you get a Vito then you will need to find a V Class with the features you want & use that VIN to get the parts u need.
  11. BIG UN

    2012 Vito W369 - Bench seat base to single passenger box

    As long as you buy genuine Mercedes seat bases they fit the same holes as the double base.. Strip it all out, cross member can/will come out no problem, its just a few extra bolts & a new B pillar trims that you need BUT when you come to attempt this make sure the battery is disconnected &...
  12. BIG UN

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    For those on the forum who know me they know I'm not one for leaving things alone, so my Vito has now recently had new water pump, new stat, found that the bearings in 2 of the pulleys had gone so swapped them plus new serpentine belt. New intercooler pipe & to top it off a new interior which...
  13. BIG UN

    Newbie from Cumbria

    The -4 means there is 4 days before the suggested service, once serviced the timer should be reset & will count down to the mext service..
  14. BIG UN

    Puddle lights 447

    Done it on a 639, guessing they will be similar. A loom, the light & coding.
  15. BIG UN

    Your day in three words.

    Liver/white Springer
  16. BIG UN

    Your day in three words.

    Getting a dog
  17. BIG UN

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Now have full length rails & table for the back..
  18. BIG UN

    Can any tell me the easy way to fit an alarm in my Vito?

    Ive retro fitted the genuine mercedes alarm to my van, i thin i posted a thread on here about it.. have a look below the fuse box towards the front ns light as thats where the module/siren lives.
  19. BIG UN

    Air con install on vito 2007

    Ive retro fitted both front & rear ac in my Vito but then again i like a challenge...
  20. BIG UN

    2012 Vito Brabus spare wheel size?

    Why don't you just buy another wheel the same as you have already??
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