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  1. imadoofus

    CLS Specifications

    Hello all, Some of you may remember me, I've not been around a lot for a few years, but thinking of coming back to the fold. I'm hoping someone can help me out with equipment (standard and optional) for a 2011/12 CLS. I'm looking for one at the moment, and the variation in equipment...
  2. imadoofus


    Hello, it's me again. Long time no speak! Anyway, we've recently picked up a W209 320cdi Sport, and I have a couple of questions for the learned masses. 1. The handbook says I have to go to a dealer to switch the bi-xenons over for driving on the continent (which is where it will spend...
  3. imadoofus

    Google Searching

    As of this evening, if I search for something on Google, I get this: I've deleted my cookies several times, and I keep getting the same thing! What's going on? :dk::wallbash::mad:
  4. imadoofus

    Car Maintenance / Servicing / Modding

    I'm interested in peoples' own positions with regard to servicing, maintaining or modifying their cars So; Do you do any work yourself, or would you if you had the facilities (space, tools etc)? Do you give everythign to a specialist/indie, or does it all go to the dealer to keep the service...
  5. imadoofus

    DVD Ripper?

    I want to backup some DVDs, and possibly to burn them to blank disks. I'm not going to sell them, or distribute them or anything, so you can save your collective breath on that. ;) I just need a decent DVD ripper, and I'm sure you lot can point me at a suitable (free) one. Thx PJ
  6. imadoofus

    Campervan Party?

    Driving up the A605 this morning into Peterborough, I must have passed more than thirty campervans, or all shapes and sizes coming the other way. Only a couple of caravans though. Was there a party this weekend, or were they just evacuating?
  7. imadoofus

    Images Question

    It seems to me that some images on my PC, when enlarged, go pixellated, whilst some don't. Is this down to the type of image file (and if so which ones give the 'smoothest' edges) or is it down to the original size of the image? Or is it something else... TIA PJ
  8. imadoofus

    Stretching Tyres?

    Why do people stretch tyres? Is it because they can't afford the correct width for their wheels, or for some dynamic reason? TIA PJ
  9. imadoofus

    Spider Monkeys

    So I'm sitting here telling Mrs Doofus about that thing on the Today programme this morning about spider monkeys feeding doughnuts to a chimp (Zeus?) in a zoo. Now, I can't find anything about it on the internet, alsthough I can find the story about the chimp who collects stones to throw at...
  10. imadoofus

    Nerdy Picture Alert!

    This photo is of no particular importance, excpet that it shows a cool coincidence. Got home the other night, turned off the car engine and noticed this:
  11. imadoofus

    iPAQ Questions

    Does anybody here know anything about iPAQs? I need somebody to explain, in plain English, and without resorting to "then set that to whatever your configuartion requires" type copouts. I have an iPAQ rx3715 that I want to connect to the internet via my home wireless network, and ideally...
  12. imadoofus

    560 SEC Question

    What do these buttons between the rear window switches do? I'm assuming they are to do with the trip computer thing:
  13. imadoofus

    DVD Ripping

    OK, so how do I rip a DVD and strip out the sound? Or, how do I strip the sound from an .avi, .mpg, .flv or other video file that I've already ripped? TIA PJ
  14. imadoofus

    Win XP Users

    We have a desktop pc with XP Home, and two users, me and Mrs Doofus. We use fast user switching. Today, Mrs D told me that although I was logged on, she wasn't and couldn't. When you clicked on her avatar, the screen flickered, and returned to the logon screen. So I rebooted the pc, and...
  15. imadoofus


    Is it the case that some LEDs emit noticeable heat? I have an application for which I need six LEDs (probably 3mm, maybe 4) mounted 20mm apart in an aluminium panel, and faced with clear acrylic (8mm x 130mm), such that the LEDs will touch the acrylic. I am hoping (yet to be tested) that...
  16. imadoofus

    GRP Advice

    I have a fibreglass panel 60cm x 120cm (3mm thick), and I need to cut it lengthways. The cut is curved. So far, it seems the best method is a Dremel, but I could do with some advice. Is it best to cut wide of the line and then sand back to the mark? If so, what should I use for sanding...
  17. imadoofus


    So can anybody burn the Family Guy Star Wars episode into a DVD for me? We only saw three or four minutes, and Mrs Doofus has fallen in love with Chewbrian. TIA PJ
  18. imadoofus


    Right then. Who knows anything about living in Qatar? I have a couple of possible opportunities there for a year or two, and I know nothing about the country. TIA PJ
  19. imadoofus

    Windows Update

    Everything was fne yesterday and now it's not! The only thing to change is that bl00dy Windows did an update on my desktop lasty might, and restarted it. Now, none of my other network devices can see the desktop! I've restarted everything, turned off file sharing and then turned it back...
  20. imadoofus


    I thought I wanted acrylic, but it seems I might not. I need rigid plastic sheets, probably in white (colour is probably irrelevant as it'll be painted), about 5mm thick, which isn't as brittle as perspex. I had in mind the kid of stuff that Fire Exit signs and the like are printed on...
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