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  1. BIG UN

    Rare OE for your model??

    Has anyone come across an OE for there car/ Van etc where they have thought, i can honestly say i've either never seen it before or only seen one?? The reason i ask is that those on here that know me, will also know i like retro fitting & OE's. Last year i fitted what i knew was a rarish OE for...
  2. BIG UN

    Lost photo's

    Found these of some of my previous cars & some i wished I'd kept.. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  3. BIG UN

    W203 seat switch

    I'm after a W203 C Class O/S electric seat door switch, if anyone has got one they have got or know where I can get one. The part number is A203 820 72 10. Ive already got the other side TIA
  4. BIG UN

    Dog,Cat,Fox Repellant

    Does anyone know of some product that will repel any of the above?? I'm an animal lover as much as the next man but I take exception when someone else's animal decides to use my garden as a toilet.. especially when I have a young lad who likes to play with his mates in the garden... I think it...
  5. BIG UN

    Saurez a disgrace!!!

    Have to say I watched the Mansfield V Liverpool game this afternoon and can't believe once again Sauerz set himself up to have everyone continue to call him a cheat!! He had the perfect opportunity to change everyone's opinion of him!! Is this just sour grapes from a Mansfield lad or justified??
  6. BIG UN

    Vito Christmas upgrades...

    Been fitting some of my projects over this Christmas period, managed to fit headrests with monitors and Vanity lighting which consists of both of the sun visor's with mirrors that have covers these act as the switch for the light!! Great addition and very easy to do both which makes a change...
  7. BIG UN

    Mercedes Alarm for a vito

    I don't know if anyone can help me but i've got everything i need from Merc (allegedly) to fit this alarm! I can fit the siren with cable which has 3 wires there is an positive,negative and then there is a 3rd cable which is red with a green stripe & i cannot seem to find where this particular...
  8. BIG UN

    vito 639 seats

    Hi to all, For those who have seen my New Members Introduction you may have seen that i'm looking for information on whether i can fit the seats mounts/brackets(not tracking) that you find in a dualiner into my panel van without major alteration?? I've been told that you should be able to find...
  9. BIG UN

    A new member with a new project

    A big hello from me to all fellow MB owners. I'm now on my 3rd MB, previously owning a sprinter, a 638 vito & more recently a 639 vito panel van which i've started to convert to a dualiner(i must like a challange) & more to the point your probably thinking! why didn't you just buy one!! long...
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