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  1. Martin 1

    W639 LED Bulbs for headlamps?

    Have a word with Quicksilver Automotive They'll advise you accurately, there MAY be a way to do it. I'd think very carefully before buying bulbs from Amazon.
  2. Martin 1

    From subframe to a huge bill

    Sorry, can't agree about common sense, it's a car, some of us become very attached to them, I've spent more on my CLK than it's worth and my view, apart from being very fond of it, is, better the devil you know. Anyway, you don't want to waste what you've already spent ! Keep it and let us know...
  3. Martin 1

    Mk 270 oily engine.

    Kind of agree with Freza74, he was asking for help, not to get jumped on ! Don't leave the forum ! That kind of response is not the norm. :wallbash:
  4. Martin 1

    Mk 270 oily engine.

    Hi, EGR delete is an MOT failure.
  5. Martin 1

    Mr Know it all

    Bloody good idea ! With a weed burner you can do the width of the car in one sweep.
  6. Martin 1

    Mr Know it all

    We've all got a neighbor like that, smile sweetly and ignore.
  7. Martin 1

    Cleanest 211 Diesel Engine Bay in the UK

    Yes deffo !
  8. Martin 1

    Mercedes W205 Cclass, is it bad to use aircon without enough refrigerant R134 or compressor oil ?

    This is important, before we offer you advice, where are you ? You mention R164, illegal in the UK.
  9. Martin 1

    W221 2011 xenon bulb replacement issue

    From your description, it sounds like the starter has failed rather than the bulb.
  10. Martin 1

    Front passenger UK seat release lever cabriolet

    WOW, you've got to get your priorities sorted out ! :wallbash:
  11. Martin 1

    LED foglight bulb legality

    This issue has puzzled me for some time, by definition, front fogs should not be too bright, in fog they will reflect back, reducing visibility, not improving it.
  12. Martin 1

    Location of Service Book & Manuals.

    Have you looked in the fridge ? that's where our lost stuff usually turns up.
  13. Martin 1

    Just joined

    Welcome, a good place to be. :cool:
  14. Martin 1

    G Class but can it handle the school run?

  15. Martin 1

    Via Facebook - a 2003 SL

    And I'm not even going to mention the illegal number plate. :fail:
  16. Martin 1

    Via Facebook - a 2003 SL

    9K ? Why advertise it as having the AMG kit if it's an AMG ? Looks like a diy try gone a bit wrong, wheel arches, bonnet fit etc, it has the old radio head unit, not a clue as to what year it is, wouldn't touch it !
  17. Martin 1

    Smoking after fitting new MAF on ml270 cdi

    Although mine's not diesel, my experience of MB parts service and prices has been surprisingly good, can't say the same about their workshop.
  18. Martin 1

    Spotted In The Scrapyard.

    That should be a classic sale yard, not a scrapyard, absolute tragedy :wallbash:
  19. Martin 1

    Our Slk’s

    That 171 is a great colour and they both look good together. :banana:
  20. Martin 1

    Rusting rear arches

    I still think this is a place for help, not criticism !
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