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    Sticky Accelerator

    My w208 suffers from a slightly sticky accelerator. While not a major problem, it effects the feel of the pedal and is particularly agrivating in traffic. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution? MB has done the same thing everytime I have brought this up. Greased the linkage...
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    Brake Noise

    I have just picked up my w208 CLK from Mercedes Milton Keynes. I had it in to rectify a brake noise problem I have. At low speeds, especially in traffic, the brakes make a low frequency groan as they release. When you apply the brakes, the same noise is there and the brakes tend to lock on at...
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    Steering Wheel phone control

    I've just taken delivery of an adaptor cable that allows steering wheel control of an Alpine fead unit. The adaptor fits between the connector and plug in the back of the instrument panel. That cable has about thirty pins, of which only two are being used by the Alpine unit. Someone must be...
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    Steering Wheel phone control

    The connector that plugs into the Audio 10 player, which in turn connects to the steering wheel controls, does that have a link to the phone system as it does with the COMAND?
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    George Fraser prices for parts. Eeeeeek!

    No. I live in London, so the treck to Milton Keynes is not one I relish. London dealership charges are just so high. Do you have any advice? The brakes have this tendency to bind, just at the end of the braking cycle. Just before you come to a halt, there is a noise accompnied with a...
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    Steering Wheel phone control

    There must be an interface for the Mercedes car kit though. I just need to access the phone pick up/put down mode. Any clues?
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    George Fraser prices for parts. Eeeeeek!

    I had George fit a set of brakes, new pads and disks to my CLK for me. A forum member told me that the whole procedure, including a brake fluid bleed would take about an hour and a half. George quoted me for three hours labour. I watched the mechanic fit my brakes.He wasn't in a rush. He took...
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    CLK Cab audio

    It took me ages to get enough information from enough sources to get some perspective. In one camp is the COMAND set, whose back cataolgue of Barry Manilow must be truly impressive. In the other are the R&B freaks who think a judge of a good Hi-Fi has to do with whether your fillings vibrate or...
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    Audio 10, CD Changer & Nokia Car Kit

    Recently removed from 230 CLK. Any offers?
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    Steering Wheel phone control

    I want to fit a parrot bluetooth unit into my CLK and use the phone pick-up function on the multi-function steering wheel. Anyone have a clue if this can be done. A circuit diagram for the merc phone system would be a start. Any other clues.....
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    radio/cassette player

    I have a Mercedes Audio 10 Radio Cassette with a CD changer and a Nokia car kit for sale. Would you be interested? Let me know.
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    CLK Cab audio

    There is much conjecture about what to do about the audio in the CLK. I suppose it all comes down to what you want out of your sound system. The speakers fitted with the car are made by Nokia and are of less than average quality. I have a CLK230 (W208) which had as standard three speakers in...
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    New Head Unit - advice please

    The Becker DTS is being updated. the new model will be available by late July and will be faster and better. I'd wait for that.
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    Nokia car kit for sale

    Car charger and hands free kit with interface for Audio 10. Any offers?
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    MB CD Changer + Audio 10

    I've checked out a few web sites. Is £300 for the two unreasonable? I'm going to have both units available as of tomorrow. I have found the code for the radio also. Anybody interested?
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    MB CD Changer + Audio 10

    It is an Audio 10 Cassette. I don't really know what is a fair price. I'm open to offers. Haven't removed the units yet. Should I remove the link between the head unit and the changer, or is that part of the car?
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    MB CD Changer + Audio 10

    I have a W208 CLK '00. The changer is the MB factory fitted one. I think it is made by Becker. Everything works perfectly. I'm just looking for more ooompf.
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    MB CD Changer + Audio 10

    I'm in the process of uprating the audio setup in my CLK. I have just found out that my MB CD changer will not work with my new Alpine head unit. Any offers on either the Audio 10 or the CD changer?
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    Audio 10 CD - Vrtually Brand New for sale

    I've decided to go with an Alpine unit. Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Did you sell it? How is your COMAND. I'm tempted but I think the cost is going to be too high for me. Was it dificult to fit?
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    Parrot Bluetooth

    w208. '00 CLK230 I love it.
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