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  1. SEM

    SEM's W212 E350 Coupe Sport

    Tested loved it bought it..:devil:
  2. SEM

    Midlands GTG Sunday 25th July 2010 - Put your name down!

    Still a Mercman Bobby, just catching up every so often i dont post much at all but i do read whats going on.. yep new wheels picking up on Wednesday... cant wait.. prob is the Mrs has the w204 and wants to pop along too (she hasnt a clue what shes driving... only says thats its nice...should i...
  3. SEM

    Midlands GTG Sunday 25th July 2010 - Put your name down!

    1) Jaymanek & Family + 7 MB's 2) dw124 3) Whitenemesis 4) MarkMifsud (tentative) 5) Ringway 6) BTB 500 7) bigyin (to be confirmed) 8) Bobby Dazzler 9) misfire84 10) jpskiller & purplegoddess 11) SilverSaloon 12) mw_C32 13) BRABUSK8 + Friends 14) Koolvin 15) Crockers 16)...
  4. SEM

    Midlands mini-GTG - Thursday 24 September 2009

    Nice to meet you guys and catch up on some goss... till the next one
  5. SEM

    Midlands mini-GTG - Thursday 24 September 2009

    Bobby bout time you changed your mota!
  6. SEM

    Midlands mini-GTG - Thursday 24 September 2009

    Sorry for delay guys... been so busy.. need to catch up with everyone
  7. SEM

    Midlands mini-GTG - Thursday 24 September 2009

    1. Bobby Dazzler - Silver W203 C-Class - DEFINITE 2. Ringway -Silver W210 E-Class Estate - DEFINITE 3. Nick - DEFINITE 4. Corned - light blue S211 E320CDI estate - DEFINITE 5. Jaymanek - Not sure which car! - DEFINITE 6. Timskemp - E270CDI - DEFINITE 7. SEM - DEFINITE
  8. SEM

    Midlands GTG: July 5th Nuneaton

    Sounds like a great idea, ive been out the loop a while need to catch up with everyone..
  9. SEM

    HE is The Stig!

    The Stig is 8 Different People??? Continuing the massive confusion and speculation, the Daily Mail now claims that The Stig is actually played by a total of eight different drivers. The list includes 27-year old F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen, former GT world championship racing driver Chris...
  10. SEM

    How to get someones surname?

    All UK.. .. has it's uses.. hoping to get the 2009 at some point
  11. SEM

    How to get someones surname?

    If anyone needs a check i have 2005 & 2008 Electoral Rolls.. let me know!
  12. SEM

    Not Bobby, but Baby Dazzler

    I think you've been to busy to do a car boot sale Mucca.. :rolleyes:
  13. SEM

    Not Bobby, but Baby Dazzler

    Congratulations Buddy.. Time to get the Maclaren out of Storage.. hope your wife and kids are well Steve
  14. SEM

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I used to see that parked next to TOY 1 at a solicitors in Edgbaston Brum. Today i spotted a Bentley Continental with 11OVE to look like 1 LOVE in Tamworth
  15. SEM

    Famous members of this forum?

    Does a name check on various Radio Stations Count?
  16. SEM

    Biggest Xmas Saving Ever!!!

  17. SEM

    HP Printer ink

    I've tried all various aftermarket/refills... never again...the hassle of duff cartridges..stick with OEM... i get my Canon 8 inks at half the price of the shops off the net.. just do the resaerch, they all vary.
  18. SEM

    Image editing software - free for corporate use?

    I got a couple of Photoshop "element" disks (a cut down version of photoshop) i had bundled with various hardware. This any good to you? or free one like Picasa is good, but if you want free basic try this link
  19. SEM

    tonights top gear

    I'm ashamed they came from my home town... Gaydon today was an eye opener to some the Worst.... sadly few best cars around
  20. SEM

    tonights top gear

    thought top gear was a little duller than usual, up until last 10mins when i laughed my **** off... Is it Green, yes VERY...!
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