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  1. alzieboy

    Kwik fit disaster

    Kick up one almighty STINK with someone
  2. alzieboy

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    SWMBO Had the other one 🍻
  3. alzieboy

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Grilled Pork Chops fried egg, chips , mushrooms, grilled Tomatoes. Home made Apple crumble, ice cream , nearly forgot to add , Large bottle of Peroni .
  4. alzieboy

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Corned Beef , double egg, Chips and beans , Two slices crusty bread . Followed by Dustmans Wedding cake and custard ( bread pudding)
  5. alzieboy

    Charlie Watts

    Farewell Charlie
  6. alzieboy

    Your day in three words.

    Amber List Crazy
  7. alzieboy

    Replacing 2016 E-class 220D... any thoughts?

    Is it the Privacy Glass , or the Passengers that you feel spoils the look of the car . 😂
  8. alzieboy

    Indy in Norfolk?
  9. alzieboy

    memory lane food

    Grandmas home made Toe Nail Soup , Thin , but very nourishing 🦶
  10. alzieboy

    Photography thread

    My Last Maldives trip 😢
  11. alzieboy

    The Football Thread

    Fancy footwork prior to taking a penalty is all well and good , as long as it’s successful . I thought Pickford had saved the night for us .:(
  12. alzieboy

    Doggi shoes

    Very Sad , a big loss to all the family .
  13. alzieboy

    Vinyl wrapping kitchen units

    SWMBO wanted a new kitchen , I said I was thinking just new doors , she said “Think Again ” So New Kitchen, Granite worktops , New Rangemaster induction Hob, double oven, New kitchen lighting and sockets . All new pans for the induction hob . New Dishwasher, New built in fridge freezer. New...
  14. alzieboy

    Latest Ntg 4.5 map updates

    Received the SD card and pin for V19.0 also purchased on eBay, the seller is extremely helpful. Also a Thank You to knighterrant for some help and info. No problems with the download and as recommended kept the CTEK charger connected during the process. Map update took Aprox 70 mins to...
  15. alzieboy

    The Football Thread

    Ed Sheeran as our one attacking forward, the oppositions defence would scatter ;)
  16. alzieboy

    Latest Ntg 4.5 map updates

    Thanks everyone, I had to cancel the appointment for the map update , something came up and I needed the car today .. Will be interested to see how Knighterrant gets on with his SD card update :thumb:
  17. alzieboy

    Latest Ntg 4.5 map updates

    Are these eBay maps on an SD card , does the card have to remain in the SD slot or can the card be removed after download to the Command memory.
  18. alzieboy

    Latest Ntg 4.5 map updates

    Taking the Coupe (2013 ) in tomorrow for a map update on the NTG 4.5 . Any info would be welcome on what is the latest map code . Main Dealer £99 .
  19. alzieboy

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    Hancock’s half hour , or was it
  20. alzieboy

    Mercedes Service Plan and loan car inclusion?

    Although I no longer have a service plan , previous services I had under the plan at Norwich a courtesy car was always provided FOC. I recently contacted MB Norwich requesting a quote for a B service on my E350cdi Coupe , to be informed there was a £20 charge to wait for it in the rest area ...
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