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  1. vito113

    A Snow Proof Merc

    After all the problems with Mercs in the Snow recently, perhaps some of you may be interested in this little Mercedes powered number. As well as being great in the snow, its also got air-con and automatic ;-) Andy
  2. vito113

    Nurburgring Again!!!

    Clackson Meets the Neighbours (Germany) with the Nurburgring bit is on tonite at 10PM on UK Horizons. Hopefully as it's a non-terrestrial, Snooker will not stop play this time. Andy
  3. vito113

    Nurburgring Taxi Ride!

    Anyone who wants to see what a 'taxi' ride around Nurburgring is like, or for those of you who've done the 'ring and are feeling nostalgic, check out Clarkson Meets the Neighbours tonite at 10.30pm BBC2. Andy
  4. vito113

    And you think we get 'snow'!

    Saw this an thought it might be of interest. Its the Labrador Highway in Canada that has just been reopened after some snow. And to think we get stressed out after a few inches here in Britain!!! Andy
  5. vito113

    Herr Brunstrom the Anti-Driver Cop to be sued!

    Say this and it made my day! About time someone stood up to the little Nazi! "Top cop sued for bad job Jan 27 2004 By Eryl Crump Daily Post NORTH Wales' top cop is being sued by a deputy mayor because of alleged poor policing. Jeff Evans, who last night presented his writ to Chief...
  6. vito113

    Smart looking plates

    Reading through the latest copy of Mercedes Enthusiast came across an ad for a company called Eutags who do the original German plates frames, and german styles plates. The plates frames would look very nice on the back of a merc, check them out at ANdy
  7. vito113

    French go Trés Hardcore on Speeding

    Just been reading through the AA website before I jolly off dans le Continent and have just seen that the French Police as well as handing out very stiff fines will now confiscate 'on-the-spot' the licenses of any EU Driving Licence Holders they catch doing more than 25kph over the limit...
  8. vito113

    SLR's getting more exclusive!!!

    I was reading Auto Express today and it seems Mercedes SLR's are becoming rarer even before there launched! It seems at the South African Press Launch one got smashed by a Golf, But the Italians as always have to do it with more style. An Italian Motoring Hack ran into a stationary car while...
  9. vito113

    190E 2.6's any opinions or advice to offer?

    I'm now looking around for something to replace the MPV. As her indoor has spent lots of my pennies on a Honda 4x4, I'm having to look at the classic (read - cheaper!) Mercs. The 190E 2.6 looks rather usefull, any comments or advice to offer? I did look at the 2.3 & 2.5 16V's but most of...
  10. vito113

    It's Party Time!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all… and Happy Hogmany to our Celtic Cousins! Don't get too wrecked and hope Santa brings you all something nice. And remember, it does not matter if your Mercs Red, Blue, Black or the wrong colour (Silver), we've all got a Silver 'Three Pointed...
  11. vito113

    Road Tolls… coming to a road near you!

    "'Total toll system' for UK roads Tolls and congestion charging arouse strong feelings. Future plans for tolls on Britain's roads will include all roads, not just the busiest, it has been reported. It had been suggested earlier that an in-car satellite tracking system could bill drivers for...
  12. vito113

    How gay is the merc in your closet?

    Found this survey on the Telegraphs Motoring site, most Mercs do rather well but some appear to have an image problem… I'm exempt as my V class is definately a raging heterosexual son of a hairy assed builders van with posh seats ;-) _ Gayest Peugeot 206 CC _ Very Gay Smart City...
  13. vito113

    Toll Roads & Automatic Fines??

    Now we come to a few interesting points about these new Toll Roads!! I believe in France, (and correct me if i'm wrong) that when you use a Toll Road they either still do (or used to) compare the time you entered and exited the tolls with the distance travelled to see what your average...
  14. vito113

    Anti Gatso Spray?

    At they are selling a spray from the US that claims to make plates unreadable if flashed. Has anyone tried this stuff? Does it work?
  15. vito113

    Road Safety Cameras, My A***!!!!

    I see Hampshire Police now call their GATSOs, (well Truvelos actualy) Road Saftey Cameras, yeah right!. They do F*** All for road safety. Today a muppet in a white van blundered out of side road in front of me and proceeded to weave down the road at about 20mph, guy was obviously pissed as a...
  16. vito113

    Bought a new car for my wife…

    I've just bought a new car for my wife, its extremely well built, superbly engineered, reckoned to be one of the most reliable on the road and with superb customer service from the dealer… guess the make? Well it was going to be a C class but after being treated like white trash because she...
  17. vito113

    Genuine W203 Xenon Headlights on Ebay

    Saw these on sale on ebay, may be of some interest to w203 owners.
  18. vito113

    C230K - 98 Octane Petrol?

    I'm looking to buy a C230 Kompressor. Does this beasty need 98 octane fuel or will the standard 95 stuff do? Many thanks Andy
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