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    SBC Service Brake Visit Workshop FIX!

    Ulverston Cumbria la12 postcode
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    SBC Service Brake Visit Workshop FIX!

    just digging this old thread up to say I can now reset this issue too using DAS developer if it doesnt fix it then there is no charge
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    AMG diff cooling block for sale

    I have a brand new amg diff cooler for post 2000 mercs SL nad E class its an alloy finned plate that bolts to the Diff backing plate looking for 30 quid including postage
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    Totally stumped, simple wiring job went wrong

    I had this problem when I first did an slk ipod kit,youve got the wires wrong,check the plug numbers and the wire colours,you will have got them the wrong way round
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    missfiring at tickover 2003 c class 200 petrol

    yeah it shuts the cylinder down once the ecu detects it mine was just the same,the garage we did the job for had already changed the injector and spark plugs,and were about to change the ecu
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    Timing Chain Jumped?

    I seem to remember a technical bulletin about these engines,where the plastic guide between the two cam sprockets breaks up,and causing the chain to become loose and possibly jump,
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    missfiring at tickover 2003 c class 200 petrol

    yep I did a head change a few months back for this same problem,cylinder 1 misfire and it was only slightly down on compression,on removing the head and valves,the uneven valve seat was clear to see,it was causing the problem if you are near to me,I could do the job for you,a lot less than 3...
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    W202 2000 C280 Central Locking Prob.

    had this problem before,turned out to be a door module causing a CAN bus problem
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    Heating glitches s211

    the blend flap motors will throw up a fault code if there is a problem normally they break around the lever/gear mechanism as they are only plastic although I had a 164 ml which had very erratic heating problems,and it turned out to be the heater motor corrupting the lin bus system
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    for sale mercedes locking wheel bolts smaller type

    I have the smaller type locking wheel bolts for sale,again brand new and genuine mercedes,these fit slk,some A and B class and other models too
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    for sale mercedes locking wheel bolts brand new

    I have a set of brand new mercedes locking wheel bolts for sale,they are genuine mercedes,and are the longer type bolt and will fit clk,c class,and some slk models,maybe more,can email photos 25 quid including recorded delivery postage
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    Star diagnostics in S Yorks??

    Im in cumbria armed with a star machine,but maybe a little too far away from you
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    Retrofitting Telephone pre-wire

    if he cant I can :)
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    :( Please help---- EIS or KEY

    had a 230 model sl with this problem a while ago,and it was a faulty EIS but I had 2 keys to try and they both didnt work,so you cheapest option is to get a key first
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    Malfunctions showing randomly

    alternator regulator,there is a bulletin regarding water ingress damage depending on which engine though
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    Mercedes Electronics in the North West

    In Fact im on your front door as Im in Ulverston,but dont worry Im not linked to the Mercedes dealership there :)
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    Mercedes Electronics in the North West

    Im now based in cumbria and Im a mercedes benz diagnostic tech,drop me a Pm if you like
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    Heating problems

    an hour,I have done dozens of these,and an hour is really pushing it,but if you can nail him on an hours labour regardless of how long it takes hime,then tear his hand off,I would want at least 2-3 hours to change one,just because it is a knuckle skinning job
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    BAS and ESP Warning

    yes as previously mentioned get the fault codes read,and post up the results,I can think of 2 possible causes,brake pressure switch,steering angle sensor,and more
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    BAS and ESP Warning

    well I did mention that to you in this post
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