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  1. Maff

    Anyone want to swap C63 AMG Black 19" alloys for the standard 19" alloys?

    Hi All, Looks like I am taking delivery of a C63 AMG which has the optional 19" black painted alloy wheels, however I prefer the standard silver colour 19" alloys (as my car is black anyway). If anyone wants to swap their silver 19" alloys for a black 19" set let me know. My black set are...
  2. Maff

    I've just bought a smart car!

    Well its sort of Mercedes! And I'm pretty chuffed with it! I have been looking for a small car to use for running around in, and to the building site that will be my new home sometime next year and decided a smart car would be a good choice, after driving a hire 'smart' for a few weeks once. I...
  3. Maff

    Another bad day at work...

    So I decided to have a look out of my office window and there was AMG heaven... :rock: Sorry for the poor quality picture. CLK DTM AMG and SLS AMG Matt
  4. Maff

    CLK DTM AMG up to 181MPH...

    I've not posted any video's for ages, but here is a short video of my CLK DTM AMG up to a verified 181MPH. The whistling noise is mostly the supercharger, but from about 170mph the wind noise gets a bit louder! YouTube - Mercedes CLK DTM AMG Convertible RHD 0-181MPH Matt.
  5. Maff

    SLS has arrived!

    OK its not mine, but my business partners! He collected it last week from Germany and absolutely loves it. I have taken it for a quick drive (in both terms!) down the motorway and it really does sound the nuts, almost as if the exhaust exits inside the cabin, much louder and deeper than my C63...
  6. Maff

    Mercedes Track Day - SLS, SLR, and every AMG you can think of!

    I must admit I have had worse days! :D I was invited along by Mercedes to Goodwood today, for a track day with a difference, a day driving round the Goodwood circuit, but in whatever high end Mercedes cars I wanted, and for as many times as I wanted too, with no restrictions on speed or any...
  7. Maff

    At last! I collected my (red) C63 AMG !!

    Well after a few problems, mainly with the MB computer system forgetting I had ordered the Designo leather dash which meant an extra 7 week wait, I finally collected my new C63 AMG from the Stuttgart collection centre on Monday. I was a little bit worried about my choice of colour - Fire Opal...
  8. Maff

    Volcanic Ash, an E350 CDI and Milan!

    Sorry for the long post, but blimey, what a 48 hours! :wallbash: I had a reasonably important business trip in Milan on Thursday morning, so I got up, caught an early flight to Italy and had my meeting along with my business partner. Then someone said something about 'ash' no flights and at...
  9. Maff

    Hotel recommendation in Paris?

    We're planning to go for a drive over to Paris for a week in April, but I just can't seem to find a decent hotel from the hundreds that Google throw's up. :dk: Our requirements are quite simple really (I think!), something central would be great, ideally its own car park and relatively modern...
  10. Maff

    Today I bought a... CLK DTM AMG !

    Wasn’t planning on buying a new car, but I went to MB World last Friday to look at the SLS with my business partner and they had a 2007 CLK DTM Cabriolet on display which looked lovely. Being the weak willed person that I am when it comes to cars I asked how much they would give me for my BMW...
  11. Maff

    I'm coming back to the fold at long last - order placed!!

    Well after 4 years of non-Mercedes ownership I today placed my order and deposit for a new Mercedes!!! Now just the long wait until March/April next year until it is delivered. After getting fed up with the (very good I must admit) BMW diesel the crave for a V8 was too strong, and after a...
  12. Maff

    My Renault Clio Cup Race Car

    I've done quite a few track days with road cars, but nothing beats a proper setup race car round a track, its so much fun! :D I ordered a racing Clio earler in the year as a track day car, with a view to doing the race series next year, my first race is at Rockingham on 6/7th November. Its...
  13. Maff

    My new mota

    Pictures say a thousand words, so I wont say anymore... :D
  14. Maff

    Junior Sales Person Position...

    Hi Guys (and Gals!), Thought I'd post this here to see if it can benefit anyone directly on the forum, or if you know anyone who may be interested: In brief, our company is looking for a Junior sales person based in Maidenhead, Berks. This would involve selling our range of ISP products...
  15. Maff

    The Dark Side has called.... BMW 330d M-Sport

    Well my quest for a C32 AMG has ended up resulting in a BMW 330d M Sport! I know its no C32 AMG, but this car has really caught me by surprise. Very comfortable, loads of gadgets and plenty quick enough for a daily driver. Its a 2007 330d with M-Sport Package, only has 830 miles on the...
  16. Maff

    C32 AMG advice...

    I've currently got a new VW Passat that will be going to a new employee in a few weeks time, which means I need to find another car to use as a daily driver. I was thinking of getting another new Passat/Golf on company lease but then thought about buying a reasonable car instead. It needs to be...
  17. Maff

    SL55 PP v F430

    Just a small video from Sunday's VMAX between an SL55 Performance Pack (F1 safety car spec) v my F430. Was good fun! :D F430 v SL55 PP (50MB File) Regards, Matt
  18. Maff

    Trip to Berlin

    Hi Guys, Just got back from a trip to Berlin, here are a few of the cars I 'spotted'! Enjoy!! :D Really impressed with the SLR Roadster, seeing how the doors work (with their little flaps) was impressive, shame the wife didn't like it ;) S63 AMG
  19. Maff

    My new F Car ! (high Res warning!)

    A sort of impulse buy really, but now I've had a real chance to drive it its a real blast. I decided on Nero black so it looked a bit more understated, but even in black it stands out like a sore thumb! Options include full leather interior including roof, sat nav, bluetooth, front and...
  20. Maff

    My new Aston Martin V8 Roadster!

    Here's a few pictures of my new Roadster, picked up last week! Tungsten Silver with Obsidian hide, Piano Black Trim and Sportshift transmission! Roadsters big Brother, DB9 Volante:
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