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  1. badshot1uk

    2000 miles 2 litres of 10/40 !

    Hello all, I had the old girl serviced 2000 miles ago and today the oil level warning light comes on? I pulled up outside a local bp and looked at the dipsick! She was way below the bottem of mimimum? I ended up putting around 2 litres back in to bring her up to max. Any idea why shes used so...
  2. badshot1uk

    maintenance booklet over 180,000 ?

    Hi All, I just wandered where I could get one of the above, as the old girl is now around 190,000 ish? Thanks Paul
  3. badshot1uk

    W124 just stopped, but not all bad!

    Hi all, I was on my way this morning to do a small job for a friend and thought id take the wifes 300te as it had'nt been driven for a while. Yesterday the window cleaner couldnt get near our front window and asked if i could move her back a bit and i found out she was dead! I charged her...
  4. badshot1uk

    shreak from engine on startup

    Hi All, Its been a while, happy new year to you all! I think I may have a loose fanbelt as I had it replaced a while ago and before long it started to make a real squeal on startup, its be going on a while now and is driving the wife nuts, (i think she doesnt like the unwanted attention it...
  5. badshot1uk

    Where can I get alarm remotes?

    Hi all, A while ago I brought a 300 te 24v for the wife to run the kids round. It didnt come with any keyfobs although the car does have central locking and sensors inside. I dont think the alarm works and i'd love a couple of remotes to lock the car. The question is can I go to...
  6. badshot1uk

    Back from Florence!

    Hi all, As you may have been aware re previous posts I was driving down just south of Florence in Italy and wasnt sure which car to take (finally plumbed for the picasso-details in another post). Well we think we've got it bad regarding roadworks, most of europe is a giant roadwork, at...
  7. badshot1uk

    124 300te 24v intermitant starting problem when warm?

    Im not sure if I have mentioned this amoung my gremlins but here goes. my 300te will start 1st time everytime from cold, but its hit and miss when its warm/hot. Sometimes it fires up, sometimes not, but i'll allways start 2nd time? The chap that services said its the ecu?--not sure...
  8. badshot1uk

    Whats the furthest you've ever been on a tank?

    I am shortly going to do some big mileage soon either in my wifes diesel picasso or the old merc. I was wandering whats the best tank range everyone has had? (especially want to hear from 300 24v e/te/ce variants). cheers in advance for your help Paul
  9. badshot1uk

    How much will it cost me to drive to florence! lol

    I have a dillema, On bank holiday monday I will be driving down to a campsite just south of florence (italy). i desperatly want to take the old merc, but the wife also has a 2.0 hdi picasso that usually returns a whopping 50 odd mpg against the mercs best 25mpg. the journey is just...
  10. badshot1uk

    Nice left hooker
  11. badshot1uk

    w124 full leather interior
  12. badshot1uk

    Paul Evans (Essex indipendant)

    Just had the old TE serviced today (36000 big one). Its the 1st service the cars had in a while by the looks of it! The service came to £407 which when I look at the bits replaced (all mb) isnt too bad. The problem is the "list" of other bits that need attention, Ht leads (no 6 has two male...
  13. badshot1uk

    W124 jerking during high speed acceleration

    Hi, My old w124 te runs lovely. but occasionally feels like shes being strangled during high speed acceleration (from 3rd to 4th gear). It gets into 4th gear ok then seems to hesitate. Eventually with a persistant lead foot, she seems to sort of clear her throut and fly up to silly speed...
  14. badshot1uk

    Driving to the south of france

    Hi all, Anybody know how long it would take to do the above? I'll either do it nonstop (just fuel stops) or lesurely but not sure yet. Last year I drove back from venice to Eurodisney non stop (12 hours) :crazy: I was knackered and had to drag the kids round for a day after:(...
  15. badshot1uk

    bit of bling!
  16. badshot1uk

    w124 autobox
  17. badshot1uk

    Definitive list of w124 parts

    Hello all, Any idea where I can get my hands on a definitive list of bits for my w124? Thanks in advance Paul:)
  18. badshot1uk

    w124 passenger side airvent ilumination

    I have noticed this evening that my passenger side airvent thumbwheel isnt lit up like the centre and drivers side? Is it a bugger to change the bulb as it looks it? cheers paul :confused:
  19. badshot1uk

    why do all w124 odo's fail ?

    Ive had 2 w124's now and they've both had there odometers replaced, 1 at 99,000 the current one at 12000 ! I have noticed a couple more for sale lately both with replaced odo's! Is it me or do they all fail early? Paul
  20. badshot1uk

    Missing service history, can I find it?

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I brought my 300te 24 you see on the left. Its a great car and I am slowly putting her back on the straight and narrow and trying to sort her little problems out. I have some service history up to 126000 (mb) then nothing for 3 years or so until around...
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