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  1. verytalldave

    Golf... the VW kind.

    My first car was a 1964 Hillman Imp. The one with the inward camber front wheels. Used to drive that down to Whitstable from Lewisham in just over an hour. And my son wondered why I was so worried about him when he first passed his driving test. Because we have been there and worn the tee shirt...
  2. verytalldave

    Phishing attempts

    Hotmail (Outlook) scans all emails and if it detects a potentially dodgy one and puts it into a different inbox to your normal one thereby highlighting it as a possible rogue email. Works for me on 99% of incoming mail.
  3. verytalldave

    My new car ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Mine is mechanically the same as the latest 2018 model. its got the same 999cc 3 cylinder turbo engine coupled to a 7 speed DSG gearbox. So the performance and economy as the same as the latest model. As I plan to keep it for maybe 10 years plus, being the very "latest" model is totally...
  4. verytalldave

    My new car ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Mine is not the latest 2018 version. The 2018 model differs from the 2017 model (mine) by having twin exhaust outlets, restyled rear lights, restyled bonnet line and the biggest update is the fitting of a completely new digital dash. Mine has the normal, older conventional analog dial with a...
  5. verytalldave

    My new car ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    The only other car that I seriously considered was a nearly new Audi A1. However that was soon dismissed when I drove one. Nothing wrong with it / or them, but it offered nothing over the Polo other than being about £2-3K more on the forecourt price. Decision made ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. verytalldave

    Garage Recommendation SE London

    WrightTech near Sidcup also gets my vote. I have used Andy for what seems like countless years and has ALWAYS provided faultless care and attention while being more economical than official MB garages. Not only that but a really nice guy as well.................10 stars.
  7. verytalldave

    My new car ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Thanks for the kind word BDaz. My absence caused by being retired and being a doting grandad to my 3 grandaughters. And of course, golf. And I also now do volunteering for the National Trust, mainly at Knole House near Sevenoaks. That prevents my brain from drying up. I may hang around as you...
  8. verytalldave

    My new car ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Just traded in my now old and tired W203 for something newer. Actually its just one year old a few days ago. Had for a couple of weeks now so had time to adjust to my new toy. While I loved my old 54 plate W203 - it was a nice colour and had a nice spec which included sunroof, rain sensing...
  9. verytalldave

    Car SOS

    I much prefer Car SOS to either Top Gear or The Grand Tour. All 3 are contrived to a silly degree and would be better were it not for this unneeded silliness. But hey - this is television after all and the producers must play to the lowest common denominator. I have grown to severely dislike...
  10. verytalldave

    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    My first post in ages as I rarely have anything worthwhile to say. But TGT was well worth the wait. I enjoyed the format and was relieved that it has become at last a semi-serious MOTORING programme. I live in hope that now they are free of the old restraints that they include a PROPER test of a...
  11. verytalldave

    New Top Gear

    Just read through all the posts and it seems everything has been said. And I seem to agree with about 90% of them. Auntie beeb has really REALLY missed a huge opportunity in scrapping the old very tired format. Someones backside will surely be kicked from now to next Christmas for thinking that...
  12. verytalldave

    Windows 8.1 upgrade question

    Found it...thank you. However it appears that the default setting is automatic optimisation and therefore defrag is run automatically once a week. So I dont need to do anything.
  13. verytalldave

    Anybody care for an oldies quiz ?

    1980-89 isnt old - that's still newish. Not by my standards anyway. Now if it was 1960-69 I might have had a shot.................
  14. verytalldave

    Windows 8.1 upgrade question

    Well, I have just finished the marathon task of upgrading my sons laptop from 8.1 to 10. Its not a complicated task - just takes a long time. It took a total of over 7 hours from start to finish. I am glad its done though. One question I would like to ask any PC buff here - My own PC is like...
  15. verytalldave

    Any other watch fans on here?

    my current favourite
  16. verytalldave

    Windows 8.1 upgrade question

    Apologies if this is a repeat question, but here goes anyway. My son has just bought himself a nearly new laptop with windows 8.1 as its operating system. He has a free option of upgrading to windows 10. Is it a worthwhile thing to do - is 10 much better than 8.1 ?? Thanks in advance...
  17. verytalldave

    Sky Q vs Sky+ HD: What's the difference and should you upgrade?

    I was under the impression that you must have a TV licence to (legally) watch ANY TV in the UK. Applies to watching any live TV on a computer as well I believe. And I think applies to watching catch-up channels as well. Dont know if you can watch recordings without a licence. :confused::confused:
  18. verytalldave

    Stelios' easyFoodstore

    I think most of us can easily forget just how much of a financial struggle it is for some to get by. Its not a shop I would frequent, but I can see the attraction for some. If its unpleasant smells you seek, try travelling on late night tubes or trains in London. Those would make the 25p shop...
  19. verytalldave

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Matt le Blanc According to rumours MLB will join Chris Evans as joint presenter of the new Top Gear due to hit our screens in May. Oh dear. As much as I criticised the old Top Gear as being much to repetitive in the format - how long will it take the BBC to realise their enormous mistake and...
  20. verytalldave

    Dame Barbara Winsor

    This must be the ultimate proof that the honours system is a waste of space. Why on earth should a second rate "actress" that appeared in second rate films and second rate TV shows receive any honour ?? There MUST be far far more deserving people that should get honoured above her. I just...
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