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    New Speed Cameras

    In my area, the old Gatso speedcams are being replaced by new ones. They are on 6m high yellow poles with 4 modules, 2 at the top and 2 at about 3m..All modules facfe in one direction. Does anyone know if these work in both directions? My speedcam detector only recognizes them as working in the...
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    Don't lose your keys - you might be without one for a very long time!

    When I bought my W166 on December 7th last year it had no spare key and the dealership promised that it had been ordered and would be posted the following week. More than 3 months later I am still waiting for it. Initially, the dealership said it was an MB UK problem but now say that the delay...
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    All Season/Cross Climate tyres - any experience or recommendations?

    My recently acquired W166 will need a set of tyres before next winter and I'm contemplating cross climate/all weather types. There are several brands priced from £150 to £250 per corner. Does anyone have any experience or can recommend a particular brand? There is currently some discounting...
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    GLE350d W166 first impressions

    Last month I decided to sell my 2017 BMW X3 30d which I liked a little but never loved. I started looking at GLCs and GLEs with the 3 litre V6 diesel which I had enjoyed in my E350CDI a few years ago. I soon discovered that the GLC350 was not sold until 2018 and was subject to the £320 road tax...
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    GLE or GLC my next car?

    I'm thinking of swapping my BMW X3 for either a GLC 350d or a GLE 350d. (Between you and me, I have never really liked the X3). I've been looking at reviews and cars for sale, compared specs. etc. prior to looking and driving an example of each. One question that I have not found an answer to is...
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    Quick connectors from CTEK charger to Red Push Down positive terminal in engine bay

    My R231 is now SORNed until sunnier times. I leave the CTEK trickle charging for extended periods and share it with other cars when they are not doing much. It would be convenient to use the quick connectors with eyelet ends rather than the crocodile clips. The positive terminal is the red...
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    Oil change after 3K miles ???

    My 2016 R231 SL400 is due for a B5 service. For a variety of reasons it has done only 3K miles in the last 12 months. Both quotes from local Indies who have access to the car's history, include an oil and filter change. Is this necessary? I have queried this in the past with other cars and the...
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    Cleaning Plastic Chrome

    SLs and probably some other models have plastic chrome fins where the bonnet and side vents used to be. Mine look partly stained and this seems difficult to remove or polish out. Does anyone have any recommendations to make them shine all over? Thanks guys.
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    Sleepy Comand SatNav R231. 2015/2016 Map Version 4

    Hi Folks. I took our first touring trip in the recently acquired R231 SL400 this week and spent some days in Northumbria and Co. Durham. After setting a route before leaving the hotel, Heidi (she who lives inside the SatNav) took ages to wake up and work out where she was and which way to turn...
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    [SOLD] SL350 2010 reg. (R230) 25 miles from Chester

    Only for sale because I bought an SL400 R231 days before lockdown. Here in case of early interest and before I advertise it when lockdown is loosened. 2010 R230 facelift version, 315 bhp. 43,000 miles, full MB and Specialist service history, excellent condition. Palladium silver with elegant...
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    2 cars, one driver insurance deals??

    My wife does now not want to drive anything bigger than her Fiesta and that's OK. However, I have two other and more expensive cars for which I could become the only driver. On pure logical grounds I could say that I need Comprehensive cover only for the car that I am driving at any particular...
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    How do I find the NTG and map versions on an R231

    I have just bought an R231 SL400 facelift version regd. in 2016. The seller did not know if the dealership had kept the maps updated during servicing but I know from this forum that a lot of dealerships do not bother. Can anyone tell me how to get into the engineering menu in NTG 5.? (I assume)...
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    Can a scratch on a ceramic coat be repaired?

    I have just bought a 2016 SL400 which was coated at the MB dealership when new. There is one small 1 inch scratch on an otherwise immaculate body. Can this be repaired (easily or otherwise) ? Thanks for your help and experience.
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    Contemplating Upgrade from r230 SL350 to r231 SL400. Advice please.

    Fellow SL fans, I am thinking of replacing my r230 SL350 with an r231 SL400. I am thinking that the facelift version 2016-17 should be the one. I'll need to part with a big wad of cash but maybe depreciation will be slower than with the pre-facelift version. Do you SL400 owners have any advice...
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    Ring Smartcharge fault code - R230 rear battery

    Learned gentlemen, my SL is SORNed for the winter. I have a Ring Smartcharge RSC 612. After 36 hours connected to the rear battery in maintenance mode, it showed Fault code F05. The following is from the user manual: "F05 Detail: Does not enter float stage within 24 hours Reason : Charge...
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    Detailing advice needed before I get started

    Learned Gentlemen. I've noticed that a well polished (or detailed) car is a lot easier to wash and most of the dirt falls off with a power washer. My SL bought in June, has now lost much of its shine and I want to detail it to the extent that it will maintain a shine for a few months. I've...
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    USB connection for an R230 SL

    Gentlemen. I have a 2007 R230 SL350 with Comand nav. etc. and a 6 CD changer. I had forgotten how clumsy and inconvenient these are compared with modern cars! Is there a simple and economic way to feed in music from a USB stick? I have seen some references here to "black boxes" costing £300++...
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    SL R230 options list by model year

    Hi Guys, I joined today so hope I am sending this to the right place! I am seriously looking for an R230 SL350 and so glad I have found this site before taking the plunge. Many dealer ads claim that their car is loaded with ££££ of options. Is there anywhere on this site (or anywhere else) which...
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