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    New petrol and diesel car sales will be 'banned from 2030'

    The electricity supply infrastructure will need to be more robust than this. What on earth are we doing being so financially reliant on a number of French and other European interconnectors. UK power prices soar after key cable hit by blaze
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    M25 junctions banned - including Heathrow T4 exit

    Well yes as many of them don't work for a living they probably do get up off their asses which I suppose we should be grateful for. The problem I have with them is they are trying to influence the government but instead of protesting outside parliament they choose to deliberately cause mass...
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    M25 junctions banned - including Heathrow T4 exit

    This mob are an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion so no surprise that they don't care about the mass disruption other peoples lives. They have a right to protest but that does not confer a right to break the law. Disappointed that the police had to be so PC about letting them sit an a motorway...
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    Rotten cracked rear sub

    Regarding the comments that corrosion would have been picked up during a service inspection, MB may claim that but I'm not convinced they would have in practice. I get the impression the the sub frame is made of thin gauge steel and corrodes from the inside such that it's too late by the time...
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    M25 junctions banned - including Heathrow T4 exit

    I wonder if these idiots are bright enough to calculate the magnitude of extra emissions that have resulted from the traffic delays caused by their protest.
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    Formula 1, Moto GP, WSB, 2021 Season

    With his current level of arrogance I don't see Max backing off. It would take 12 points on his licence and a race ban to do that and he still has 10 points to go before that happens. In the history of the super licence points system no driver has yet accumulated the full 12 points and...
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    Kwik fit disaster

    The soot that turns diesel oil black is a suspension of very fine particles so small that they pass straight through the oil filter. It's not that engine operation quickly produces more soot to turn the oil black, it's just the residual amount of old oil left in the engine after an oil change is...
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    Thank you Emma Raducanu

    If I'm reading his location correctly it's just the natural extension of 'you can only represent Yorkshire if you were born there'
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    Formula 1, Moto GP, WSB, 2021 Season

    He did but the underlying cause was Bottas being a 10th of a second faster than Hamilton in qualifying. Had Hamilton been on pole he might not have tried so hard and avoided the wheel spin, then he would likely have gone on to win. As it is Mercedes now have one driver starting in 5th and one...
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    In the end, the Brexit debacle in parliament wasn't all bad. A triumph for democracy was that many of the MP's who behaved disgracefully in trying to overturn the referendum against the wishes of their constituency, lost their seats at the next election. Hopefully that sent a powerful message.
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    New house builds to have car chargers

    I wouldn't want to charge it full every day but I would want to use a charging regime that maximised battery life which I think would mean not charging above 80% and not letting it go below 20%. What does the manufacturer recommend ?
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    Changes to Petrol this year - E10 compatibility

    M271 946 has multipoint fuel injection i.e. it's not a CGI (direct injection) engine so you are ok. But you can't just equate kompressor with being OK. The idea that CGI and kompressor are mutually exclusive is a wrong perception. The engine that is incompatible with E10 is the M271 DE ML...
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    New house builds to have car chargers

    There is a dilemma here in that the car buying public bemoans the lack of public charging facilities but then if the energy rates are too high they won't use them except as a distress purchase. That's I would be doing anyway. We could end up with 2 classes of EV drivers, those that can charge...
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    9-11 LEGACY

    I was at home and watched the towers collapse live but for me by far the most obscene image I remember being broadcast of 9/11 was a crowd of Muslim women celebrating the fact that 3000 Americans had been murdered. They were using the ululating cry with their tongues. I thought they were little...
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    Boris is a mixed bag. By getting Brexit done he enforced democracy against all the other MPs who were positive traitors to democracy but leaving the cabinet out of the discussion that led to the national insurance hike is not the most democratic of actions. On balance I'll forgive him a lot for...
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    Wifi/phone on whilst asleep

    At home I turn the phone on when I want to use it and then off again afterwards. Where I live the signal is marginal to non existent. If I leave the phone on it runs the battery down in no time, I presume due to it constantly searching for a decent signal. Texts seem to work most of the time...
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    New house builds to have car chargers

    I agree, EV's are mainly focused on the relatively expensive end of the market. They won't really take off until they are priced close to IC cars. VW are indicating they will be selling an ID2 EV for £17K by 2025. If that price becomes a reality (which I doubt) it will sell like hot cakes. The...
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    New house builds to have car chargers

    This is very interesting. The harmonics are caused by the electronic inverters that first increases the AC frequency before transforming it down and then rectifying to DC. It's like a switched mode laptop charger on a much bigger scale. Throw in the TT earthing requirement which will involve...
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    E10 petrol.

    The situation is very simple. The only cars under 20 years old that are incompatible with E10 are the old Kompressor versions of the M271 CGI engine. Everything else is fine. The same information has been available for some time on the government E10 checker. GOV.UK E10 Enquiry
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    How often do you change oil ? The older is the car the more important it is to change oil often ?

    An old worn engine will contaminate the oil faster due to blow by past the piston rings but for me it's how the car is used that's the most important factor. As the current MB's service intervals don't automatically take this into account I'm a long way from believing they are optimal. The only...
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