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  1. GordonTarling

    Happy Birthday, GordonTarling

    Thanks everyone!
  2. GordonTarling

    Happy Birthday, GordonTarling

    Thanks Vinnie!
  3. GordonTarling

    2009 W211 NTG 2.5 to Pioneer

    Contact Comand Online - they know their stuff and will be able to advise exactly what you need.
  4. GordonTarling

    Please sanity check my charging issue thought process here:

    It was said earlier and I'll say it again - fit a new battery.
  5. GordonTarling

    Why do owners like cars to be noisy

    My favourite aircraft engine sounds - #3 - A single Merlin in a Spitfire on a low pass - sheer music to the ears! #2 - 4 x Merlins in a Lancaster on a low pass - 4 x sheer music! #1 - 4 x Olympus 593 engines in full reheat blatting down the runway - gone deaf, can't hear the music! :D
  6. GordonTarling

    Airmatic - worth waiting for?

    While the E class estates (211 and 212) do have air suspension at the rear, it is definitely NOT airmatic. These cars can be had with full Airmatic, but then they'll have the appropriate control switches on the centre console. The standard air rear suspension on those estates is fitted more...
  7. GordonTarling

    Entering the world of CL500 ownership ............. Little advice needed

    I think most of those codes relate to low voltage, which is not uncommon on cars that have sat around for a while. Of more importance to me would be how it looks, drives and sounds, plus service history. When buying a 'new' car, I always factor a new battery and set of tyres into the equation...
  8. GordonTarling

    Gear box supply hose failure

    Is it really a hose that has split, or is it an all-metal pipe? Those pipes are a known problem area on other models, particularly the E class cars. They are mostly made of alloy and can corrode badly, due to road salt etc. Failure of a pipe may also necessitate rad/cooler replacement - not a...
  9. GordonTarling

    S211 Towbar electrics

    My previous 2009 S211 had a removable towbar fitted and the electrical socket was pivoted so that it could be swung up and out of the way when not being used. Yours likely has a similar arrangement, but could well be seized if it hasn't been used for a long time - see if you can get some...
  10. GordonTarling

    Battery warning

    I'm fairly sure that the red warning is triggered by battery voltage, so put a voltmeter on yours and see what voltage is when the warning is triggered. My guess is that a new battery will fix it.
  11. GordonTarling

    E63 first timer

    Sorry, don't know that particular car, but I did buy a similar one 3 years ago. Price of the one you show seems a little high, so have a good look around before you buy. Take a serious look at the renowned head bolt problem before you buy and check the engine isn't in the affected range -...
  12. GordonTarling

    211 e63, loved or not?

    I love mine! :)
  13. GordonTarling

    W211 Mirror Indicator Wiring Frayed

    Abs - when I had that car, Terry Gates repaired the wiring to that mirror and disabled auto folding in order to stop it happening again - sounds like it's possibly going to need more extensive work this time round. Think you'll need to remove the mirror frame from the door in order to properly...
  14. GordonTarling


    Try turning the A/C off and see if it's still the same.
  15. GordonTarling

    1999 W210 E200CDI 2.2L

    Only STAR will give all the codes, as well as live data, though needs an experienced person to interpret it all.
  16. GordonTarling

    1999 W210 E200CDI 2.2L

    In that case, I think you'd best find a garage with a STAR system which can read and interpret the fault codes on your car -anything else is just guessing and could become very expensive.
  17. GordonTarling

    1999 W210 E200CDI 2.2L

    When was the fuel filter last changed?
  18. GordonTarling

    New E-class and Mercedes-Benz UK

    Welcome back to the forum glojo! Good luck with the import and do keep us posted with progress.
  19. GordonTarling

    JD-Weld advice

    I'd just use the ordinary and original JB Weld product, NOT the 'Kwikweld' type. Been using it in my model making for many years and always found it does the job. Two caveats - it's not fast setting, so need at least 24 hours to properly set. Secondly, it tends to be somewhat fluid when...
  20. GordonTarling

    Happy Birthday, GordonTarling

    Many thanks for all your good wishes!
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