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  1. PJH

    W205 petrol-hybrid MPG

    Just curious, has anyone got a W205 petrol-hybrid ? What is the real world mpg ?
  2. PJH

    Sat Nav units

    On the face lifted W204 the Sat Nav unit is built into the dashboard but W205 has an iPad like unit. Why have MB done this ? I prefer the built-in look whereas the 'iPad like' device looks like an afterthought.
  3. PJH

    W204 car mats

    Does anyone know how much genuine MB car mats are for a W204 ?
  4. PJH

    W204 is dead

    Wifey's W204 C180K won't start, no warning lights. When inserting the key there isn't the usual CLICK when it recognises the key. Tried both keys, same result. Presumably the immobiliser is still ON. It that correct ? Battery has 14 volts.
  5. PJH

    Latest air vents

    Wifey's W204 is in for a recall to have it's airbag system checked... So I had a browse around the models in the showroom. I see all the latest models now have eyeball air vents. I had those on my Cortina, 40 years ago.
  6. PJH

    Automatic Door Locking

    The W202, S reg onwards, had automatic door locking when you drove away. Wifey's W204, 57 reg does not do this. Has this feature been dropped or can it be enabled ?
  7. PJH

    1997 C180 belt diagram

    Has anyone got a belt diagram for a 1997 C180 ? When viewing the engine bay from the front, the pulley below the power steering is smoking.... and a few sparks. Is this the air-con compressor ?
  8. PJH

    W124 - 280e

    1993, Nautic Blue, auto [4], cloth interior, after market air-con. MOT & Tax March 2013. Scorpion alarm & remote locking. 163,000 miles but 13,000 on re-con engine. Usual rusty bits for a W124 of this age. Needs a new aerial. Don't use it much any more and it's taking up space. Road tax is...
  9. PJH

    Fuel Prices

    Unleaded 123.4 Diesel 567.8 Let's hope they are just testing the sign !!
  10. PJH

    Why is Blue the new Green ?

    After many years of 'Going Green', why have manufactures chosen 'Blue' for the latest technology ? i.e. Blue Motion, Blue Tec, Blue Chip, Why BLUE ? :dk: PS What colour will replace it ?
  11. PJH

    110 mph in a 40 limit

    From another site.... car texts owner when driven over limit. Main Dealer Speeding in my Car!!! - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  12. PJH

    Anyone speak Kurdish ?

    I have an Iraqi lady pupil whose English is not very good. Could you translate some instructions / explanations for me so that I can help her become a safe driver. Despite passing the Theory Test she doesn't have much clue about road sense. They don't even have road marking in Iraq....:crazy:
  13. PJH

    Jenson Button's Veyron for sale

    Autotrader Jenson Button’s Bugatti Veyron for sale - Auto Trader UK - News and Reviews Hub
  14. PJH

    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    When ANPR checks a vehicle registration, what exactly get checked ? Presumably insurance & MOT. But does it check if the registered keeper is a Full Licence Holder ? Does it check if the licence type is correct ? ie all the extra codes. Would it detect the vehicle has manual...
  15. PJH

    Free Rice
  16. PJH

    Powerxtractor engine

    What do you think of this ?
  17. PJH

    Clampers stand-off with residents

    Wheel clampers blockaded for 4 hours .....
  18. PJH

    Nokia recall 46 million batteries

    Nokia recall mobile phone batteries.
  19. PJH

    Dario Franchitti Crash

    With all the weekends fuss over Alonso & Hamilton, Dario Franchitti's crash was almost un-noticed. :eek:
  20. PJH

    Restored Lotus Esprit

    It appears the Lotus Esprit forum are a decent bunch too. :bannana: BBC link
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