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    S320CDI Power Loss + Excessive smoking

    Did you actually change the EGR valve? My 320 CDi had the exact same symptoms as your. Cleaned the EGR valve but the problem remained. Swapped it for a new one and problem solved.
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    Protruding Circumference of Worn Brake Disc.

    Modern discs are designed to wear more quickly. That's how they get far better braking performance than cars seen many years ago. The materials they are made from combined with the materials of the pads give far better braking performance than you got with harder discs that lasted forever. As a...
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    E-Class (W210) SRS and Airbag Light

    I replaced the sensor pad. Part was about £70. MB wanted £250ish labour so I did it myself. 10 minutes to get the seat out, about an hour to work out how to disassemble it, an hour ro remove the leather/take out the old pad/modify the seat foam to stry and stop it happeneing again/fit the new...
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    Do cdi injectors need programming?

    2900 psi. Pah, that's nothing. I work with 3500psi of Hydrogen. I don't fancy any leaks in that pipework.
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    Solar panel question

    Do you park anywhere near a mains socket overnight?
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    E-Class (W210) SRS and Airbag Light

    But surely the pressure pad is working OK if the SRS and airbag lights come on/off depending on whether or not somebody is sitting in the passenger seat?
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    E-Class (W210) SRS and Airbag Light

    Our E320 CDI (W210) has developed a problem with the safety system. Without a passenger in the passenger seat, the "AIRBAG OFF" light and SRS light are both illuminated. As soon as someone gets into the passenger seat, both lights go out. When the passenger gets out, both lights come back on...
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    W210 Diesel estate

    We might (just might) be tempted to sell our year 2000 E320 CDI Estate Elegance (but with Avantgarde chassis pack). Silver, completely rust free, black leather, 7 seater, parking distance control, and just coming up to 90k. Superb condition !!! Very well maintained (extra services by me). But we...
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    320 CDI Engine Changing Fan Belt

    Many thanks for the replies chaps. Just got back from a trip to some Mickey Mouse outfit near Paris so sorry I'm a bit late with my thanks. The car has gone into the bodyshop this morning for the rear quarters to be replaced (only the roof and bonnet to go now and I'll have had every panel...
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    2000 E320CDI Starting Problem

    Saw this on a friend's 220 CDi. We traced it to the fuel filter seal. Easy and cheap enough to do as a first attempt.
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    320 CDI Engine Changing Fan Belt

    Did you ever find out how to do this? I need to do it on my E320 CDI (year 2000). It's probbaly very obvious when I look at it but I haven't had a chance yet.
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    Clocked on eBay

    Ahh OK. Sorry folks.
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    Clocked on eBay

    Bought Last month Now relisted Not even clever enough to use a second account. Spot the comedy mileage difference. Anyone fancy spreading this arround their different forums, and bombarding him with comedy questions like Hi, My Octavia is showing a bit high mileage? How long did...
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    A-haaaa!! You were right. I can't actually see a hole but could hear noise from this area. I've stuffed a rag in the grommet thingy (it's a sort of shaft) and the noise has gone!!! Yeeeeee-haaaaaaa. Many, many thanks.
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    Any chance of a picture of the rubber coupling/gromet? I'm not sure what I'm looking for really. Thanks.
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh. That sound promising. I'll check when Mrs. K returns with the moneypit.
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    Pattern body panels

    I think most W210 owners might question that ascertion ;)
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    Car drives nicely with no smoke at all. Lovely. At last. The clattery noise is still there :( Can be heard within the cockpit but not really evident from the engine bay (i.e. listening to the engine with the bonnet up). Clattering reduces dramatcially when the steering wheel is turned left or...
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    W210 E320 CDi MAF + smoking

    Finally got it back today (I haven't driven it yet - it's still on the drive where they delivered it). The intermittent power loss was being caused by the brand new MAF I'd bought on eBay from "" which wasn't OEM. Beware of that one. The bill was 25 hours at £95 p/h + new...
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