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  1. moodi

    Anyone with Star local to Bedford?

    Per title - anyone members local with STAR that could help run a diagnostic check on my car? Potentially a compression test via STAR.
  2. moodi

    Best dealer discount on parts?

    Thanks, could not get through to them on the phone today, unfortunately. I've just dropped him an e-mail, thanks!
  3. moodi

    Best dealer discount on parts?

    Who is currently the best dealer who ships parts and gives the best discount for club members?
  4. moodi

    What do you think of my CLS 55? Sharing pics for the first time

    A move abroad! Maybe a cheap track car for some fun before we leave the UK for good.
  5. moodi

    What do you think of my CLS 55? Sharing pics for the first time

    Tell me about it. Same as most black cars though - water marks and dust traps! A good detailing routine helps stay ontop of it and the end result is that unbeatable mirror-shine black!
  6. moodi

    What do you think of my CLS 55? Sharing pics for the first time

    Garage extension time? :)
  7. moodi

    Where to buy parts?

    If you type the part number into google/eBay with no spaces you will find a few listings. But for something like this - it would probably be cheaper to buy direct from MB once your local parts opens back up.
  8. moodi

    Over 200mph reported speed on the public road.

    What does the original post have to do with McDonalds?
  9. moodi

    Over 200mph reported speed on the public road.

    Creating your own evidence of 200mph on public roads, what could possibly go wrong? I watched this a few days ago and found his full name and social media in a matter of minutes. So do not think the police will have any trouble finding him. It is not hard to see which road he is on either. He...
  10. moodi

    Android Headunits - W219/W211

    Ooh, tempting! Which exact headhunt do you have?
  11. moodi

    Anyone had a TUI holiday cancelled? If so, any luck in getting a refund?

    We originally booked a holiday in June which has been cancelled due to the current world circumstances. For all cancellations, TUI are offering a credit voucher in the first instance. This is not something we are interested in but it remains the default unless you call them to tell them...
  12. moodi

    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    My vote is on that too
  13. moodi

    Android Headunits - W219/W211

    Were you tempted for an all-touchscreen version? Those have often appealed to me over the OEM unit but I haven't found anything that tells me android startup is quick as OEM nowadays.
  14. moodi

    Spares or Repairs E55AMG W211?

    If you fancy a project and have the ability to fix whatever is wrong (free labour) then sure, go for it. Could end up being a right bargain, depending what it goes for. The spec / colour looks nice too but that is just personal preference (from someone who normally likes all black!)
  15. moodi

    Happy Birthday, moodi

    Thank you all :)
  16. moodi

    W204 c220 video to show. Exhaust noise sometimes please help.

    First step is get it on some ramps and check for loose heatshields, clamps or anything else you can move or rattle on and around the exhaust.
  17. moodi

    Protection after bodyshop

    This, let it be for a good few weeks! No polishes, compounds or sealants. I wouldn't even wash it (beyond a hose down) if your not driving much due to current circumstances.
  18. moodi

    Converting car seats to office chairs

    Old thread indeed and good luck with the project! Could I ask you for a favour as you have the seat out already. Could you send some pictures of the mounting points for the chair to the car body? I often wonder if the stock rails could be modified to get the stock W211/W219 seats to sit ever so...
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