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  1. Fununcle

    Roof bars for 205 2017 C Class Estate

    I have the mb bars for our 205 saloon and I have to say I think they are worth the money. Mb Newcastle ebay shop was the cheapest I found.
  2. Fununcle

    New E53 delayed, spec reduced

    I personally would not buy the cars with those options missing.
  3. Fununcle

    Break checked and crashed

    Ah but that's your fault, don't you see, you as a brit cannot read, digest and least of all understand the pis$Ed ramblings of another brit. Hang on he keeps using the word brit as an insult yet is one of the group being insulted. Very strange.
  4. Fununcle

    Park Assists Disabled on all new Mercedes help!

    Mines been serviced twice by mb and its still working.
  5. Fununcle

    parking assist

    On mine the button activates the park assist and the cameras so that is probably why the button is still there.
  6. Fununcle

    Break checked and crashed

    Hi TV I'm very curious, you seem to be extremely proud of the fact that you no longer live in the UK and that the US, Argentina and most bizarrely Venezuela are far superior. I am glad that you like it where you are and are living your best life,however berating others for not doing as you have...
  7. Fununcle

    MBUX Sat Nav Route Settings

    Must just be rubbish then.
  8. Fununcle

    MBUX Sat Nav Route Settings

    Is there a setting for shortest or fastest route? Could be the nav has looked at traffic conditions and wants to take you on a longer but quicker route. Could of course just be crap at route planning.
  9. Fununcle

    C63 mpg ‘Let’s Suppose’

    If it helps just averaged 68mpg over the last 1000 miles in our c220
  10. Fununcle

    Tyre inflation gel

    As you have mobilo, you don't kneed the tyre gunk just call them out
  11. Fununcle

    I probably should of known better

    More moaning that things aren't how they used to be, who would have thunk it.
  12. Fununcle

    Tidal songs not showing?

    I'm not at all suggesting you pay for both and I personally would never pay a penny to amazon for anything. My reply was to the point you made in an earlier post that not having the tracks displayed was, whilst disappointing, not a deal breaker as the sound quality is much higher, which is not...
  13. Fununcle

    Tidal songs not showing?

    Sure, I use tidal too but it doesn't make any difference in the car
  14. Fununcle

    Tidal songs not showing?

    It's not better quality when paired over bluetooth to the car, the bluetooth used by comand does not support lossless files.
  15. Fununcle

    Scam or not

    If she was going to collect them how could she if you won't give her your address?
  16. Fununcle


    Ah I see it's being used as a compliment, I shall have to re-read some post in new light.
  17. Fununcle


    Rather like the term woke which I see used on this forum regularly.
  18. Fununcle

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    That word of the day loo paper just pays for itself doesn't it.
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