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  1. DanRom62

    Air Suspension Compressor / Pump W213 2017 E220D SE Premium Estate

    Does anybody know if the air compressor is the same for all E Class models or are they different from the W212 to the W213? Indy garage is trying to source one (W213) for me now to cure the dreaded 'Malfunction' warning symbol...
  2. DanRom62

    Bought a 1 owner FSH 2017 E220D SE Premium with 17,000 miles

    Been posting for a month and just noticed the introduction message. Based near Liverpool, expecting to keep my Merc for a good few years as it's the £20 tax variety. Already impressed how a car this size with 194bhp can have better fuel economy than the wife's Grand C Max 1.5 TDi!! Hopefully...
  3. DanRom62

    TPMS with set of used alloys and tyres

    I've found some used alloys with tyres and seller says includes TPMS. Question is how easy is it to get the car to detect the new TPMS's? Thanks
  4. DanRom62

    E220D SE Premium Wanted Spare set of Alloys with winter tyres

    W213 Estate - I'm considering buying a spare set of alloys and winter tyres as I don't fancy driving RWD Merc in winter through country roads. Standard 17" 225 55 R17 7.5J ET40 I have seen a set which are 7.5J 17ET46 on fleabay - would these fit? I'm not sure how the difference of 6mm(?) from...
  5. DanRom62

    Car Superstore Service 2 months early or wait and get MDS?

    First ever post...I'm hoping to pick up a March 2017 E Class 220d Premium with 17k miles this Friday and the next service is due in March. The car superstore dealer is offering a full service for £229 prior to collection. In the past 12 months the car has done less than 1000 miles and it has had...
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