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    W211 Brabus K8...Interesting Exhaust tips (eBay)
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    HOW TO: Change M113/K Ignition Coil electrical connector plugs

    So, was getting annoyed with having to using cable ties to stop the ignition coil plugs from getting loose etc (Also to avoid insomia over it). I decided to take a look at replacing them and to be honest was a very easy job and took best part of 30 minutes. Part is used across various...
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    W211 headlight switch fascia

    So the lighting panel as most owners know have a gooey finish now over the years. So I tried cleaning it up but the residue was still present and scraping it seemed like the only way to get it off ( due to lack of patience). So saw a replacement fascia on AliExpress and replaced it. Cost me £20...
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    W211 Parktronic Fuse keeps blowing

    Hello All, So, I'm having to replace the 10amp fuse in the boot. Believe its F003? Everytime I listen to anything using the Aux, after a couple of days I guess (Can't really pin point the scenario) but it just blows out. Any idea's what could be causing this or how one can test this out as I'm...
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    W211 EIS faulty?

    Yesterday all was well and business as usual. Today i put the key in and as I turn the key to ignition 1 or 2 it dies off out of the blue and key gets stuck sometimes but after a few goes it works as normal. Is this the dreaded EIS being faulty now? Will upload video
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    W211 E55 bore scoring

    Hello All, Got my car in for a compression test soon as its consuming too much oil and wanted to ask if results are low. Can one possibly determine if just the piston rings are bad or whether there are scoring within each bore as well? Not sure what the going rate is for a block as its come to...
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    W211 E55 swaying on rough surfaces

    Hello, Going to get car checked soon at a garage, but wanted to ask you all for your opinions. It has just suddenly started to happen, when going on roads with a bumpy or rough surface the car feels like it is moving side to side. Any areas that come to mind first? Thanks
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    E55 Estate on CarWow

    Was an interesting race between the M5 and E55. Is the E55 owner a member on this forum?
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    W211 E55 Backboxes

    Hello All, Have for sale 2 W211 E55 backboxes with the AMG tips. Collection near Heathrow airport. Looking for £500 ONO collection only. Will have pictures soon. They are not in a clean state. Thanks
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    W211 E55 Double Pulley melted

    Hello, I took a look at the engine bay today and noticed the rear of the double pulley has melted. Anyone got an recommendations for replacements also does anyone have a WIS for replacing it or torque specs please? No idea what caused it but I did a 200 mile motorway journey yesterday and did...
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    M113K Engine Oil Dipstick

    Hi, I've looked around but can't seem to find a good dipstick to use to measure the engine oil with a dipstick. Any recommendations please? Thanks
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    M113K Operating Temperature

    Hi, Just wanted to ask if other M113K owners also see their cars temp go to 95 degrees? I keep reading around of people seeing 80 degrees all the time. I see it too but once I've driven it even modestly hard it goes to 95 but then back down to 92. With heaters on it comes down a bit more but...
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    M113K 1st gear 3000 rpm buckle

    Hi, Today I experienced something wierd. When moving off in manual mode 1st gear with normal/light throttle the engine bucks down in power around 3000 rpm then comes back alive. Anyone experienced this before? Its not something I have and is the first time today. Thanks
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    Anyone recommend a place to get windscreen replaced West London?

    Could someone please recommend a place to get windscreen replaced in West London area please? I rear a few threads that mentioned it can be a bit of a faff to get the replacement done correctly?
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    W211 Airmatic still bit low after fitting new

    Had my front right air strut replaced with bilstein unit. Its not as bad as before but still a bit low overnight on that one corener. Is there anything that needs to be done after changing struts like a recalibration?
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    W211 Boot water leak fixed

    Finally found where the water was leaking into the boot spare wheel well area. I changed both tail light gaskets and the rubber trims seals on either side. Still no luck. Then traced where the water goes down towards and noticed from the side trim pieces it goes along side the boot rubber seals...
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    W211 Recall SRPC2001

    Hello All, Off of this thread -> W211 Sunroof Recall SRPC2001 I called up MB and seems its also outstanding for my car too. Anyone else here had theres in for this recently? MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (24/03/2000 – 15/07/2010) RECALL: Problem description: The bonding between the glass panel and the...
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    W211 Battery 10.4V, Boot wont open with key

    Hello All, The new genuine battery fitted last week is at 10.4 this morning. Will not start. Boot wont open remotely or with the key. I turn it left and right but nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    W211 - Anyone know what these plugs are for in boot area?

    Hello All, Was removing the tail lights and noticed these 2 plugs behind seat pump, not connected to anything. Any idea's what they are for? The brown one looks like an antenna, thought the radio works fine. Also anyone able to help me in how to remove the Sat Nav drive? I tried pressing the 2...
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    W211 E55 Caliper bleed nippled seized/rounded off options?

    Hello All, Just got a call from the garage where I was hoping to get braided hoses fitted today as current ones are bit perished and advisories on MOT. However, they said the rear bleed nipple is seized and rounded off so they didn't want to take any further risks. What would the best option be...
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