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    A Tale of Woe

    Quote "hand over driving home, to my boy . . . .all 4 rotten hours of it." Is his driving really that bad ?
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    Even more new jokes...

    A slightly shorter day at the seaside : Mums fretting, Dads betting Babes wetting.
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    Dodgiest person you ever knew?

    I've just realised that I do not know any politicians, lawyers or estate agents.
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    Mercedes Insurance Phone Number

    The number you have given 03450402090 works from my mobile here in the UK. If you are still having trouble getting through, perhaps you could try the claims line: Motor Insurance Claim Lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year Tel: 0344 4933 231 and they might be able to transfer your call to the...
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    Even more new jokes...

    You are not really old until you cannot remember hearing them before.
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    Is protected NCB worth it?

    Two possible scenarios during the policy year : 1 - You have no incidents. This is what we all hope for, even if you have not benefitted from having paid to protect your NCB. 2 - You are unlucky enough to have 1, 2 or 3 incidents which are still 'open' at the renewal date. This could be car park...
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    Comedy shop signs

    I found this one on the internet some time ago, so I cannot guaruntee that it is not a photoshop.
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    No Claims Bonus

    Slightly incorrect - Your NCB may be reduced whilst the claim is open, but if your insurer does recover all of their outlay then your NCB should be re-instated.
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    Insurance renewal

    A 2019 list of Thatcham approved alarm/immobilisers fitted by vehicle manufacture : Shows all Mercedes B Class vehicles built from 2005 as having a Thatcham approved Cat 1 alarm. N.B. Insurance companies usually ask about...
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    50 plus drivers prosecuted for driving through a Red X light!!!!

    Just to bring cyclists into the lack of adherence to the rules of the road - Today I saw a cyclist ignore a red light, another cyclist at the crossroads rode up onto the pavement to cross the junction (because their light had just turned red). The two cyclists almost 'T'-boned' each other. On a...
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    What was your best ever purchase.

    £12,000 on my apartment in 1984 ( I still live there now), or £550 on my Ford Capri MkIII in about the year 2000 ( I wish that I still had it now). Or, The money I spent on my first Mercedes, a W203 C240 in Jasper blue.
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    Possible Insurance Algorithms - Fewer insurers offer Third party fire and theft insurance, so those that do so can charge higher premiums. And/or, people who are interested in third party only insurance may not care too much about their own vehicles (and therefore may be involved in more incidents).
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    As a learner driver he has to be supervised - Learner drivers rarely crash their own cars. When he passes his test, and can therefore go out on his own (or with non-supervising passengers) the risk will rise. When he is 25 he is considered to be a safer driver. I will be interested to hear how...
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    Dartford Crossing

    There is no need to go to the bank - The process is done entirely on a smartphone using the Lloyds banking App. If I receive a cheque, then I open the App and select the option to pay in a cheque. The App turns on the camera to take a picture of the cheque and pays it into into my Lloyds...
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    Dartford Crossing

    Lloyds have a system which enables people to pay in cheques using a smartphone - I don't know about any other banks. ( I do like the fact that the spell checker does not like the word 'cheque').
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    Off and away

    Dartmoor Zoological Park at Sparkwell is always worth a visit: You would need to pre-book tickets. Just over an hour from Fowey.
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    Admiral vs Admiral

    Hi, It was really good of you to comment on the claims service - That is where a number of insurance companies are lacking.
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    Even more new jokes...

    Also, we senile old people cannot remember having seen them before so it brightens our day up too.
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    Examples of silly, stupid or selfish behaviour in the current environment..

    and another one ... Man fined for 240-mile round trip 'to buy bread'
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    Even more new jokes...

    To get the true sense of London - The toilet seat should be raised to include the natural London odours
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